AGA Legacy 36' or Fratelli Onofri Roayl Chiantishire or Verona?

kitchen_mamanMay 13, 2012

We are about to undertake a major project on the house. This includes a new kitchen. I was pretty set on either a Fratelli Onofir Roayl Chiantishire FRRYC905DSS or the Verona double oven VEFSGE365DSS. I went on a search of the ovens this weekend to see if my existing baking pans fit. I read some reviews about the smaller ovens being too small, so I wanted to test mine. The first place I went to didn't have either, but did have an Aga Legacy. I was in LOVE as soon as she opened all the doors. It fits my cooking/baking needs perfectly. And my pans fit!

I have been reading the AGA threads and all the pros and cons. I haven't seen a lot about the other two ovens. I was told that they were made by the same company, so basically the same machine. I am looking for people who have experience with these and can give me advice.

The AGA is very different from what I was thinking about. We have a panel fridge (small kitchen) and I was thinking of SS for the stove. But I don't like the SS in the AGA. I LOVE the vintage white. Should I get the window? I have read mixed reviews. I never use the window when cooking anyway...

We live in the metro DC area so I got rid of all my big stuff several years ago. My current oven is 20 inches. I absolutely need at least two ovens. I love the idea of a third. 36 inches is the absolute largest we can put into the kitchen.

The AGA is a big splurge, so we wouldn't want to spend any more than that. I look forward to your thoughts!

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Fratelli Onofri is made by a company that is now bankrupt.

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Fisher Paykel also has a 36" with two ovens. Bray and Scarf in the DC area have this brand

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Of the three stoves you list, if it were me I would definitely go for the Aga. I was considering one myself for a while until I switched to Bluestar which of course did not give me a second oven. I like the vintage white best too. Personally I would not get a window - think it is much more vintage looking without. Good luck!

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I love the Aga Legacy Vintage White as well.

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Thank you!

Springplanter, do you have any experience with the fisher-paykel?

I am really disappointed to hear about the FO brand. I read they might continue to make ovens in Turkey though.

I was just reading the old thread about high end appliances and I just wonder if I should spend that kind of money on the AGA. On the other hand, I was just in awe of how functional it appears! I was hoping an AGA owner would weigh in...or a Verona.


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FO closed it's factories in Italy and they might start production in Turkey, but the Italian parent company is bankrupt and I don't think they'll ever get the quality they had again.
The Veron 36" double is a great machine- love the perfomance of the cooktop- the center triple ring burner is a dream. Did you know it comes in an 'antique white' as well?
I can fit some pretty big turkeys in that small oven- I think I got a 12lb in there. And the bigger oven has more than enough room too.
I haven't needed any service, but I have called the hotline several times with questions and they were all very nice and very helpful.
Good luck!

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Unfortunately someone has there facts wrong- Terim(the manufacturers of Fratelli Onofri) are not Bankrupt and still producing these magnificent stoves.

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Fratelli is not bankrupted, they simply re-organized and are back in production and shipping ranges.

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