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PurplemoonSeptember 10, 2011

This has been a LONG time in coming for us who 'lived thru' Jason's journey from the flames....

and what a nice way to honor my mother on the 10th anniversary of her passing!

hugs from proud Mom Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: From the Ashes

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Karen, you have every right to be proud!!
How thoughtful of Jason to honor his grandmother with the book release on such a significant anniversary!

I would be happy to help, but am a bit confused. Do I go to the Stallman website to add that I like it? Or does Jason have a website that I should go to instead? If it is Jason's book who is Russ Stallman?

Let me know and I will add myself to the "like" list.


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Jas does have a website, Candy. beyondtheflames.com
He's not actually on facebook itself (neither am I so I can't post to his "wall" page that the previous link is to.

Russ Stallman is a former cop/detective who decided to write Jason's book. I've linked to his site below. His bio
is interesting. I'm so glad he's done the book. Many years ago, there were two other guys (at different times) who said they wanted to write a book. We were all so excited both times...only to be disappointed when both suddenly stopped and never completed their books. Same with a made-for-TV movies. The producers never could get backing to get it made.
So now, TEN years later, there is finally a book coming out.
I guess better late than never, and hopefully a lot of folks are still interested in Jason's journey. It'll probably be a few months before the book is actually available, but at least this time we know its a done deal.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: author's site

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Karen, I am so excited for all of you! Where's that little Purple Lady who dances when we need her? Bring her on.

I want a signed copy. Think you can arrange this? From the first time you shared Jason's story I was deeply touched as you know. What a beautiful thing for Jas to honor his GM and your DM. He's some kind of Wonderful...

I don't have a face book page either but with some help from you, will try to stay on top of this. I did check out the other page. Thanks!


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Punk, I bet when the book comes out we can get your copy signed. ;o)

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ooops, Candy, the first link was just to the post about the book. Here's the link to his "Wall" that he updates with various things.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Jason's Wall on facebook

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How wonderful, Karen!!
When will the book be released and where can we get one?
I would like a signed copy also.

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Good Job Girlfriend!!! This is definitly a time to celebrate and she boogies like no other. Will be another beautiful moment for all of you when the book releases. We'll be waiting, not patiently but waiting.LOL


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That is so great! I hadn't realized that Jason was doing a book, but it is a wonderful idea and I'm sure it will give encouragement to so many for years to come. Really sweet that he's dedicating it to his GM too--my goodness, what a time of mourning that must have been for all of you with three horrible events at one time! Keep us updated on the release of the book, okay? Luvs

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Luvs, I think Jas had given up on a book being done after the first guy finked out. Then when the second guy approached him about it, even took 4 months leave from his well-known (locally) job, and suddenly was not heard from again after half that time, Jason just gave the idea up. (second guy didn't have the decency to let him know he'd taken a new job offer and quit on the book. Just left him hanging. I was soooo mad). But then in 09 when this retired Detective came to Jason about writing one, I think his faith was renewed. I spent an afternoon being interviewed by Russ, such a nice man. He'll be back to go thru all the photos and stuff I kept on that time in our lives.

I have no real details on release, other than Jas said a few months probably. I will sure let you guys know however.
Not to try to "sell" his book, but simply because I am so proud of this. I hope it does help many people who are trying to overcome adversity and need inspiration.

A note about his grandmother's passing. He said he visited her in the hospital on Sept 9th, had a 14 hr surgery on the 10th, and woke up the morning of the 11th to find she'd died and terrorists had attacked our country. What he didn't say was he couldn't SEE her, or the news. His eyes were still sewn shut the rest of that Fall. He'd last seen his grandmother the week before his accident. And because of the 4 month coma they'd kept him in, and him being in the hospital another 2 months, he hadn't talked to her but a few times even. This was very hard on him when she died.

hugs, Karen

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Congrats to Jason! Thank you, Karen...I also want to purchase a copy (when published) as this son of yours has made an impression in my life thru you! Thank you! Jeanne S.

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Congrats to Jason and also to his wonderful Mother. You have to be feeling very proud and after all the struggles you and Jason went through with his accident and losing your mom while you were so worried that Jason might not make it had to be pure hell.You have to be a mighty strong person to get through all that life dealt you at that time. I too want a copy when it comes out. Let me know when and I will send you the money to get me a signed copy. I would love for all my kids to read it, too, I think it is a story that could change the course of a lot of peoples life.His story has certainly been an inspiration to me and I certainly feel blessed to be able to call you my friend. Prayers, Janet

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Karen what wonderful news about Jason's Book.
It was very touching reading about him
and his DGM, and his dedicating the book to her.
Let us know when it's expected to be relased.
I'm sure you must be so proud him and of ALL his accomplishments.
Whan an inspiration his is to all.

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