Shopping Trip Part 2

PurplemoonSeptember 11, 2010

Part 2 of my fun day shopping with DDIL.

Bats n Ghosts from Michaels, are these not the cutest little things! They are acrylic, the little ghosts have tiny eyes. A LOT of them in the bag.

Etched bird glass candle set from Hobby Lobby.

Pheasant from Hobby Lobby. I saw him soon after walking in the door, it was love at first sight. Then I saw his price, $23. The display table he was on with a lot of other neat stuff had NO sale sign on it like all the other Fall areas. I tried to be happy with the Raven, in previous post and a big turkey (picture in this one). But I so wanted this pheasant! Turkey was $13 but then 40% off made him a nice bargain. I took Pheasant with me as I shopped, and decided to ask cashier if he was discounted too. He was! YAY. She said all the Fall stuff was.

Purple glitter Witch boots, and pumpkin candles, from Tuesday Morning. You just know I HAD to have the boots. LOL. The candles are very cute, and smell soooo good, pumpkin spice, if I can bring myself to burn any of them.

Small 8x8 Leaf Plates. They had larger plates, a platter, and other stuff but I could only get two of the little plates. I'll use them for display

My bargain big turkey, tho little candle-holder one was also discounted and cheap.

I haven't gotten very far with decorating, tho I wanted to start early, instead of waiting till the end of the month. I just need a Fall Fix now! We'll still be in the 100 degree range till Halloween. I just realized I have Fall decor stored in FIVE places! And here I was out buying more. I have entirely too much, or at least ENOUGH. Too bad I can't say the same for my self-control !! After I started pulling stuff out, I was feeling overwhelmed just thinking about decorating since the Fibro has been beating the crap out of me lately. But I'll do the "turtle

thing"...slow and steady wins the race...and get it done as I can. Today all I could manage was my little telephone table by the kitchen. The metal cage thing came from GW last year, you've seen it decorated for quite a few

holidays. The top lifts off to decorate inside it.

Hugs, Karen

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Love your nice big turkey, he's a really nice one. Pretty fall plates too, isn't it fun to decorate with plates? Never did that before I found this forum, did you? Glad you got the sale price on the pheasant, and those purple boots just had to come home with you! All your new candles are nice too--go ahead and light a couple, you only live once you know. ;o) Luvs

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Karen... I Love..Love...Love your 'Treasures'!
I might have CTS...but I'm 'GREEN' over your Holly Lobby!
I would have fallen in love with that Pheasant too...he's done so beautifully. Also, those Purple Witch Boots...those definitely ARE YOU!
The little leaf plates and the Turkeys..and I guess just about Everything you got is fabulous...what a great shopping day!
Makes me want to get out of bed, (it's after 11pm ).. get dressed and SHOP!


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Everything is wonderful, but the purple witch boots are my favorite.
I have a rather extensive shoe collection, in fact some of my students once gave me a little pillow that says "Shoe Goddess!"
You've convinced me, I guess I am going to have to give in and start some of my fall decorating. LOL

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Those "boots are made for walkin'...& that's just what they'll do!" (I think you had those boots on when you left your house with DDIL!) Wow, what bargains & unique pcs you found! And like you said, "one step at a time, now" girl! The phone table decor is so cool...I love that wire-y thingy that you decorate! Move that purty rabbit over abit before she hops off! (& ditch the phone! LOL!)...the table is too purdy!

That pheasant, good thing you didn't leave w/o it! Great Fall pc! And that turkey & those square 'em! You just did great, PM, with your respite time! Take good care of yourself! Jeanne S.

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The pheasant is very handsome. I can see why you were so attracted to it. He is Fall Personified.
However, of all your new goodies, I'm most taken with the wire cage thingie. I don't remember it even though you say you've shown it before. I'm sort of a wire sculpture addict, so it really speaks to me.
Today I saw a wire pumpkin at Pier 1 that was crammed with bright orange Christmas balls. It was fabulous. I bet bright colored balls of any color would look good inside your wire urn.

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Karen, I'm almost speachless after seeing all your new finds and the great prices. Wish you were feeling better so you could enjoy decorating with all your great finds. Looks like you have a start with your telephone stand decorated with your neat wire urn.

OA, interesting that you mention bright orange Christmas Balls in the wire pumpkin. Sounds wonderful and very interesting. I haven't been shopping to see what the new Christmas colors are this year but I have never seen orange Christmas balls before.


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Thanks, Everyone. Its such fun to share with all of you!

Jeanne, afraid the phone has to stay there, LOL. Don't worry about bunny falling off tho, he's held on tight with
sticky stuff. Tho I'll be removing him soon since he's not exactly Fall or Christmas looking.
And those witch boots definitely AREN'T made for walking...
LOL. They are resin or ceramic, and together as one piece.

I don't know what's going on with my photos tonight. I resized everything properly in Photobucket, but only some of the pictures came out right in my posts. Weird. Anyway, sorry for the BIG ones as I know its tough on the dial-up folks.

Looking at the turkey candle-holder, I'm think I need to do a bit of cosmetic work on his eyes. He looks pretty mad to me. The big turkey is resin, but sure looks like wood which I like a lot. Pheasant too. Their painting has a "grain" look to it like wood.

OA, the orange balls sound neat to decorate with. I've not seen any either. Tho I didn't look in that area of Hobby Lobby yesterday. I made myself stay away from Christmas ornaments this time. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, so glad you got a few hrs. of respite with your DDIL, Sounds like you had a great time and even a short break from your responsibilities makes them easier to face. I love your large turkey, and the plates. No I never decorated with plates until I found this forum, in fact I never decorated for any holidays except Christmas. I am haveing so much fun hunting things for Thanksgiving and Halloween. This has really turned me into a pocessed person. LOL. My DH is wanting to go out to eat today, and I found myself planning on which place had thrift stores that were open on
Sunday. That's getting pretty bad, huh? So sorry your fibro seems to be in a bad flare.mine has been working on my hips for a couple of days. I can't hardly get up from a sitting position without it bringing tears to my eyes, so I can definately empathize. I really like your wire Thingy, wish I could find something like that. Sending prayers for both you and your DD. Try to take care of yourself and find a little "Karen" time. Janet

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As soon as I saw those boots I thought centerpiece! It is wonderful.
I love the little ghosts and bats too, and well everything. Can't get my head wrapped around Fall yet! Don't know how you do it in that heat!

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Karen, those boots would look perfect with my tall black witch hat from last year. We HAVE a Tues. Mornings, I may have to run there this week!!!

I did find a black cat that has twinkle lights in it, for one dollar on Friday last week to go with my hat, so you'll be seeing him on my Halloween table!

Everything is great, love those leaf plates, very rich looking, you sure got a nice haul this shopping trip.

I know what you mean about having too much, I still have not been able to put away all my bargains from last week, afraid to look at the shelves as I know something has to go, if I want to store the new things.

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WOW you just had too much fun!!! I love the pheasant and the leaf plates...can't get much better'n that!!!

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Yacht, I have a witch hat and a black cat myself to use with the boots. Tho my cat isn't lit up. LOL (I have Jazz aka Trouble for that.)

Janet, I hope your Fibro flare is easing up. You are such an active person, I know its hard on you dealing with all that darn pain.

I'm trying to do some of my decorating today. I absolutely can't believe how much Fall stuff I've accumulated since I found this Forum. LOL. If I don't stop buying, its going to rival my Christmas stuff...
and that is NOT a good thing Martha!

hugs, Karen
"I may not be much to look at, but I'm fun to watch"

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