Anyone have the 9 light Prairie Style Windows?

ideamomMay 9, 2007

Looking for pics of homes with the 9 light Prairie Style Windows...anyone here have pics I can see?

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These are not current pictures. The interior painters are working in our house as I type so all the windows are covered up and I can't take a better picture for you. We have 9 lite French doors and double hung windows. But, I only put the 9 lites on the top part of the windows. And, I didn't put them on the top windows in our GR at all because I thought it would be "too much". Looking at it now it was a good decision.

This was taken in the evening so it's kind of dark....

Outside, backporch area....

Master bedroom.....

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Those are really beautiful kats. I really like the 9-lite prairie over 1-lite. I've been playing with grille configurations and thought I had made a decision, but your pictures sure make me ponder revisiting the issue....

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Thanks Kats! Are the grills between the two panels of glass? I really like that you kept the center plain I agree that if that one had the grills it would have been too busy. Good choice! I'll have to think about mixing in plain ones as well.

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Thank you for the compliment. The grills are not on the inside of the dual pane glass. They are the old fashion type window with the wood on the outside. Interiors are stained and exteriors are painted white. I know grills on the inside would have been easier to take care of but after seeing the ones between the panes we just like these better. I've always had my windows professionally cleaned so we'll just continue doing that! LOL

Thank you too for the compliment. I love them too. I re-read my post and it sounds like I didn't do any 9 lites in my GR. We've got a 22ft ceiling and I ment to say I didn't do them on the second level windows.

this is an old picture but you can see the second level windows......

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Stunning greatroom Kats! Do you think it would be too much if I have the prairie 9 light style windows and the front door also 9 light prairie style. Below is a pic of the home we will be building.

Anyone want to play with Photoshop?

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Your house is going to be gorgeous! Like mine it has lots of gables and it's not just square (to me that spells personality!).
You already can see by my pics what 9 lites would look like on your square windows b/c they're basically the same window. It's the arched windows and front door that you have I wasn't sure about (BTW, love the arches). So, since I'm photoshop challenged I have to use this dusty cranium of mine (ouch!). In a "mind" visual I can see 9 lites in those windows and think they would look awesome. Hopefully someone will step up with photoshop for you. If not, print that picture and using a black pen darken all the grills on those arched windows to make 9 lites yourself. Keep the two vertical heavier grills and the top and bottom lighter horizontal grills as the 9 lite grills and then darken everything else that doesn't belong.
Looks cool huh!

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ideamom, kats - I'm wondering if you ever followed through and finished these 9-lite windows? And then further I'm wondering how on earth you trimmed them? Figuring out functional window treatments that doesn't redundify the beautiful windows is a real challenge for me...

Thanks for any visuals on how you might have solved this problem!

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Whoa - that's the house we're about to start on. I would LOVE to know if you built that house as well!

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Unfortunately these threads went up long before the notification and thread-never-dies system went into effect. But I'm almost certain ideamom is still around; not sure about kats. They could be contacted through email via page, probably.

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Too bad. She appears to have email turned off as well.

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