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phonegirlSeptember 21, 2010

I am finally getting some of my pictures downloaded so will share a few tonight on this post. Can anyone tell me how many pictures are to many with someone on dial up?

This is the old sewing machine DSis bought me a few years ago. DH refinished it for me this year and we brought it in so decorated it.

This cake taker is one I plan to paint on but haven't gotten around to it so decided to use it with fall decor.

This is the top decoration on our coffee table.

You ladies have gotten me into decorating the bathrooms and so this is DGD.

Hope this isn't to many picture on one post for those on dial up.


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punk...I don't know how many is too many for dial-up...I know dial-up was the only thing available here out in the country for many yrs & it's a real pain....slo-o-o-www! So even 1 or 2 pics is probably a pain! Am assuming most people with dial-up (& there's still areas around us that cannot access high-speed Internet), probably don't look at pics a whole lot...but that's just an assumption from my former experience.

Anway, love your decor! That Singer sew'machine is beautiful! Don't ya love 'em! And the drawer fronts are lovely...looks like you've got alot of FUN stuff for the Halloween lovers in your bunch!

and I am loving your coffee table vignette...that is quite beautiful...I looked at some faux pumpkins today at HLobby while shopping with friends & just about bought a gold/silver/black one done something like yours...need to go thru my Fall stuff first!

That tree candleholder in the bathroom is also quite unique! Boy, you are having fun! That's what it's all about! TFS! Jeanne S.

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I like it all Punk, but especially the beautiful pale pumpkin and berries on your coffee table. And the last photo...what a neat candleholder! And vignette.

Good question about dial-up! Its been so many years since I had it, I don't remember. I do know that when folks sent me big photos to see (like 8x10's, it seemed to take forever to see the whole picture. I could go to bathroom,
make a glass of ice tea, and still have to wait. LOL. But by the time I discovered the Forums, I had high-speed Internet, so no clue about pictures on here. And I don't recall who has said they have dial-up. I do know how darn frustrting it is tho, and hope someday they can get the high speed. We ALL tend to load posts with pictures, and its so sweet you and Candy are concerned that it might be a big problem.
Lets hear from our dial-up gals (Jim??) and see what they say.

hugs, Karen

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I could be mistaken, but I haven't heard any complaints from Dial Up people...there was a time when some did have a problem and would mention it.
But honestly, no one has mentioned it since.
I've loaded several pictures on one post and we've also had a 'running post' with several pictures, with no complaints..so I think you're safe.

You did a wonderful job on your decorations. I'll bet your DGD must love everyting.
Your DH did a great job refinishing your sewing machine. It turned out beautiful. Did you make those cute decorations?
I like your counter display and that cake taker looks nice there. Those decos in the bathroom are cute too...makes one happy to 'Go' in there !! lol
I like how you decorated the pumpkin on your coffee table...
Is it ceramic or did you paint the finish on it?..it's very pretty.


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I agree with Jane, we've not had anyone on here mention being on dial up in a long time--if anyone is, hope they will speak up so we can all be considerate and not post too many pics at one time. If no one speaks up to let us know, then I wouldn't think we need to worry about it anymore.

Punk, I spotted that cute little painted punkin in your kitchen vignette right away! ;o) I'm loving all the pretty colors of the leaves and all. My most favorite item is that candle/tree in your bathroom, that is really unique.

Glad you are getting to enjoy all your pretties.


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Punk, I love it all!!
Everything is so lovely and the cake taker is super.

My DGM had a sewing machine like that, but my brother got it. I got other things so it is OK, but I am the one who sews, so it seemed kind of ironic that it went to my brother.

I haven't got around to decorating the bathrooms yet, but I like what you've done and especially the candleholder.


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Oooo. Love the coffee table pumpkin. Very classy.

You do such a nice job.

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OMGoodness the coffee table pumpkin is a work of art and will work all the way through Thanksgiving. Your other decs. are very pretty, y'all are making me want to try the cake plate decorating.

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I LOVE the candleholder in the bathroom. And the way you've decorated around it, and the leafy bouquet next to it. You can just pack it up and send it now, it would look PERFECT in my powder room.

- Magpie

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Thanks everyone for all your comments on this part of my decorating. It has gotten so busy on here that I'm not going to thank each of you separately but know I read all of your comments.

The pumpkin on the coffee table is so heavy and it was painted like that when I bought it last year. There isn't much room on the top of our coffee table so wasn't sure what to put there but guess this worked. The two top circles swing out and it becomes a pretty large at that point. This belonged to a great lady and when she passed DMIL had worked for her and ended up with it. She called and ask if we wanted it for our cabin and I said "Heck No" I want it for our home.

The bathroom decorations didn't show up as well as they could of. I have black sunflowers under the plate stand and used my witch napkin rings in between some of the petals to add color. The orange flowers are made out of leaves and have beads for the centers. I had the candle tree up on one of my cabinets last year but after all of your sweet comments it might end up in the BR every year.

I painted the pumpkin w/roses and candy corns last year but didn' make any of the other decorations. Thanks again for all your sweet comments.


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