The Last Rose of Summer table

christmascandySeptember 17, 2011

I had these Hallmark plates that I bought at a GW TS last summer and hadn't used yet, so I decided to set a last rose of summer table.

The tablecloth and matching pink napkins came from ARC TS a few weeks ago, the green napkins were another TS treasure, as are the rose bowls. I found 3 of them with the Gibson trademark and the 4th one is the same bowl, but a Gabby trademark, from different TS's and over a year apart. The crystal vase came with a floral bouquet, the crystal S & P shakers and Damask Rose flatware are heirloom. The crystal candleholders are decades old, and the candles are from HL. The pink silk roses, pale green plates, and white chargers are TS and the rose colored glasses are YS.

I know its the middle of Sept., but I just can't get out the fall decor yet, Just call me Cleopatra, the queen of denial!! LOL



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Oh gosh, candy...this is a beautiful table ...don't know what impressed me the most ... your napkin folding/arranging or those beautiful rose plates! Love how you stacked each place setting & the rose bowls are so pretty, too! All of this color scheme is so wonderful with your white wicker! Yes, a table for a Queen (even if she procrastinates Fall!) Love it all! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Well, Queen D., I have to "DITTO" everything Jeanne just said. Gosh that is a beautiful table. But be prepared for company, I imagine Luvs is headed your way....

hugs, Karen

gosh, I just saved your table for our Inspiration album... and saw how MANY photos are in my PFC files that I have yet to get into our albums! Sheesh. I am really, really far behind.

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Candy, your napkin fold is fantastic! This is my kind of tablescape--lots of roses. It all looks really nice, and I love how you stacked the plates too. Love it! Luvs

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Another beautiful table Candy! The rose dishes are lovely and the green plates set them off perfectly. The napkins are the stars of the show I think.
I'll be coming back to look at this able again and again.
Now I'm sure I'm not ready for summer to be over.
thanks for sharing this wonderful table!

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Candy this is such a beautiful table.
Your tablecloth and CP sets everything off perfectly. I love your rose plates and like how you stacked them ,
but like everyone else, your napkins are 'show stoppers'!
They make such a them.
You never disappoint -
Beautiful job!

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Marlene Kindred

What a gorgeous table! It looks so elegant...LOVE the plates. And your napkins folded like roses are perfect...even your silverware with the roses on it...just beautiful!

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I too love this pink rose table, Candy. The rose napkins are wonderful. You don't need to rush into fall decorating when you have more summer to share.LOL


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Candy, I thought I posted on this georgous table last night. but don't see the post this morning. Think I might be losing it, my mind that is, . 2 identical posts on Karen's post and yours missing. I do love your table and roses are my favorites. Could you teach us how to do that great napkin fold. You are so talented, and give the rest of us such inspiration. Janet

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What a lovely end to summer! I too love the napkin fold and would love it if you showed us how you did it. What really made me catch my breath were the candle holders! Looks like Candlewick to me and therefore, I covet them LOL. Beautiful table Candy. Thank you for sharing.


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Your table is gorgeous. Just have to love pink and roses. Think I figured out the napkin fold.

Anyone who had to fold and iron boy scout scarfs should be able to figure it out. Make a triangle and fold down. Just keep folding and cross ends. The rose is the same but start rolling from one end and tuck end under and place in center of other napkin and pull up on center.

Love it. Am I close?


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Jeanne, Thank you, we are having beautiful weather right now. 50's at night, but into the 80's during the day.

Karen, Luvs hasn't shown up yet, LOL

Luvs, it is less of a fold and more of a twist, LOL

Nana, I hang on to summer as long as I can.

Jane, I was trying to decide what I wanted to do with the napkins and this is what I came up with as my final choice.
Thanks for the compliment.

Marlene, I love pink roses, and when I saw those at GW, well it was a no brainer that they were coming home with me, LOL.

Punk, thanks, but since fall has officially arrived, I'll probably start breaking some out soon.

Janet, Kath, and Betty, I did fold the pink napkins diagonally, then folded the point to the long side and folded it again to make a long skinny piece. Then I folded the tip of one end to the opposite side at that end to make a little cone. Then I coiled and twisted the rest of the napkin around the cone until I reached the end and tucked it into the coil.
The green napkin is folded diagonally, and then the tip is folded to the center, and fold it down again until I had the long skinny piece again and just folded one end over the other like a pink cancer ribbon and placed the pink rose in the center.

Hope that helps.

Thanks again everybody. You are the best!!

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