Vent hood - cabinet insert vs chimney style

rebecca3142May 20, 2014

Are there any pros/cons to using a cabinet insert vs a chimney style vent hood? Other than esthetics, are there any functional or maintenance issues that makes one better than the other?


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Sophie Wheeler

The cabinet hood is at least 2x as expensive because you also have to buy the cabinetry as well as the functional bits. Typical wood range hoods plus the insert are around 4-6K in a mid grade cabinet line.

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Thanks hollysprings. I thought it would be more, but I had no idea it would be such a big difference.

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I'll throw in a second option. We used a insert hood and they had a frame built around it and covered it with sheetrock. It was less expensive and with a little trim provides a great looking hood. I didn't want all the metal that a chimney style came with and I didn't want the price of a cabinet.

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Sheetrock and many other materials are less expensive than SS.

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Oh, thanks - I didn't even know about that option. I'll have to look up some pictures, but it sounds nice. Price wise, that sounds a little more comparable to a chimney style hood.

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Stainless much easier to clean than wood or sheetrock.

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Sahmmy, if the wood is finished with a good lacquer / varnish, it's not much harder to clean than SS. My cabinets wipe right off :)

Rebecca - the biggest benefit of using a cabinet insert is the option to have the hood become "invisible", blending in with the rest of the kitchen. This is the setup we considered, before changing the layout to an island-based setup with an island stainless steel hood (can't hide it on an island, might as well show off then).

As far as installation goes, the biggest challenge is keeping track of the dimensions, and making sure everything will physically fit. If you're not sure - call the dealer & double-check that the width, height, and depth of the hood will not interfere with the inside dimensions of the cabinet / custom hood enclosure. This almost tripped us up a couple of times, good thing we checked. Also, get the details on the mounting system - how does it actually attach?

Also, while looking for the cabinet insert hoods, I found this gallery page, which explained some things and has 30+ pictures. Might be helpful in your decision! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Range Hoods Inserts

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