Everybody Loves Marble Tile

enduringJune 4, 2012

I would like to share some images of a marble installation. I hope you will enjoy these as much as I do.

I took these pictures where I work. This is one of our group rooms. It started life as a surgery room in about 1918 or so, and used as such until around 1970. I have always loved this room. Acoustics are not the best. Note the match booked "tiles". All of the walls are clad in this marble. Loving care still takes place here.

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Wow--those look great, even after all these years!

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wow, so pretty.

I have a hunk of marble that a lady was giving away free years ago. We went to her house, her outside shed was FULL of marble. We took a pretty big hunk, similar to one of the ones you show. Turns out it was from the DuPont building in Wilmington--her father was one of the men who took them down from the walls when they did a big renovation.

I like seeing your picture because it really gives me an idea of what my hunk looked like when it was on the wall.

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Bee, I bet you could hardly contain your self with that treasure trove of marble. I would be going crazy with ideas of trying to use more. Glad you enjoyed seeing this installation.

I grew up near this hospital and years later returned to the area and have been working there since 88. I am very attached to these bits of history. There is a bathroom down the hall that has brownish red granite. It wasn't too long ago that the stalls were made out of wood from the early century.

Then in the early 50's they added a wing with bathrooms like this, updated with a hand rail of course:

I took these pictures several months ago to get ideas for tile layout.

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