Design Software for Front Elevation

JennyMcMay 1, 2013

Does anyone know how I can 'try' different bricks/mortar/trim on my front elevation drawing? Is there any free software or a website out there that will let me upload my elevation drawing and put different brick/mortar/trim on it to see how it will look??

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Sophie Wheeler

An architect's scale with a pencil and eraser works great.

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I have been using and it gives a 3D view as well which you can print to show the elevation. Another good tool for 3D modeling is SketchUp from Google. Just watch some training videos before you start with sketchup It is a great tool.

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s_diptiy: Do either of the two software pkgs you recommended offer any 'elevation' options / features..??..

We have our floor plan down... just need to decide what STYLE of house we want. I'm hoping to find a software pkg that in addition to floor plan it can also render some elevation ideas.

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Both of these 2 packages are as good as the use effort. So basically you get what you make. They don't offer any ideas or suggestions or 1-click views for different styles. You will have to pretty much draw everything yourself, the windows, the doors, exterior finish etc. etc. I am not aware of any package which does house-styles based off of a floor plan. Please do let me know if you find one.

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You will not find a program like that as I have never seen or heard of one that exists. Too many variables.

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Thanks for the responses about software that can render elevation styles.

I was researching to find a pkg and NOT coming up with anything so I appreciate you both saving me from anymore research.

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