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ScrapatchJune 27, 2012

i need help trying to decide where to add a 6" decorative tile design to our loft bathroom to help this bathroom tie in with the vanity. There are three beams in this room. One of the entrance, one just outside the shower, and one over the vanity. Looking at the tile photo - the design would be roping - 3 rows of tile - then the top finishing edge.

Ideas are - at vanity 36" height and completely around the room, which includes over the vanity, in the shower, and along the long wall. This room is very narrow - and where ever we put the tile, we will use bevel subway tile below - which I read helps made a small room look larger. Another idea was to put the tile at 60" in the shower, but I'm not sure where to start or stop the 36" height design. I also thought about using the 36" height and not putting the design in the shower. I'm so confused. I do not like the idea of putting the tile all the way around the room at 36" high - this room is narrow and I feel it will look like a lasso. There is a 18" wall between the toilet and shower. The rest of the shower wall will be glass.

Photos - Also a photo of the bedroom next to this bathroom - that shows how low the beams are. Because of damage to the ceiling - the beams are going to be painted white. White cabinets also.

Using the tile only on the two walls by the vanity - looks unfinished. Plus the vanity goes under a beam, which isn't shown here and we added a upper cabinet to hopefully help this room. The layout photo shows the mirror going from beam to beam - but I think we are changing that to a micro between the long lights.

Photos of some ideas -

Contemporary Kids design by Sacramento Interior Designer Kerrie L. Kelly

Traditional Bathroom design by Detroit Architect Dawn Zuber

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Oy, I see your dilemma. I personally do not like backsplashes on the corner vanity (2 walls) - I agree it looks unfinished. what about a much wider band, like 12"? Would be great for splash and then, what if you were to continue that onto the wet wall of the shower? Or even, all around the shower? It could disappear behind the mirror, extend over the toilet (I assume you're putting the subway tile on the toilet wall) and into the shower. if you have the budget - I would do the entire wet wall of the shower.

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My problem with making the band wider - is that the ceiling is on a slant - and starts 33" inches from the counter top. The larger the band - the smaller the mirror. Today, someone suggest that I try to create the medicine cabinet sitting on the 6" band. And if it overhangs just 4-5", it looks okay. Thinking of extend the 6" band around the toilet, around the corner, over to the shower door and then use the same band in the shower, but at 60". Yes putting the subway tile on the toilet wall an din the shower.

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