KA 48' Built in Side by Side - Is this a bad idea?

cinciguyMay 10, 2012

I posted our full kitchen in another post, but the more I review the more I think much of our kitchen risk comes down to the fridge ($$$). We are looking at the KA side by side built in (no water or ice through the door).

Does anyone have anything good to say about this setup? Are we taking too much risk?

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I really like my 36" built-in KA, single door. KA has always been a good brand for me. This is the only built-in I've had so I can't compare it to a SZ, but I'm more than pleased.

What are your concerns?

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It's good to hear a happy KA customer - there lots of KA fridge issues reported particularly around ice making (not just through the door), freezer temps, and seals; but maybe it's because there are lots of KA fridges on the market!

Thanks - I think we are going to go with this option - but any other comments are welcome.

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