Bootz or Enameled Steel Tubs - Anyone have and like them?

aeshelJune 21, 2013

Our bathroom is tiny and won't fit a 60" tub, so we're looking for a 54" tub with a basin big enough to bathe 2 kids. Bootz makes one (Kona or Syniron), but we're not sure about going with enameled steel. Would love to know your experiences!

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Sophie Wheeler


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You're talking about bathing kids in the tub, so I'm guessing a really rough textured tub bottom would be undesirable. That was the biggest reason why we nixed the Bootz enameled steel tubs our builder uses in all his builds as standard. Sandpaper rash on little ones tushies is never fun.

Have you looked at the American Standard MacKenzie or the Kohler Seaforth?

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Thanks for the feedback! Since we couldn't see an example of their reinforced steel tub, we decided on a different option. I am glad now, since I would hate for my kiddos to have uncomfortable sandpaper rash on their tushies!

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I think the "sandpaper rash" concept is incorrect. I'd like to hear from any parent who's child suffered from a "sandpaper rash" while bathing in a tub with a textured bottom. I have a Kohler with textured strips on the bottom. It is not a problem for me as I sit, so I doubt if it is for children.

I would have recommended a cast iron 4.5' tub. Sounds like you got something else though. I would like hear what you did go with, might be helpful to someone else with this issue.

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We actually ended up deciding to reduce the size of a linen closet in the hall so we could fit a 5', cast-iron tub. We weren't able to find a 4.5' cast iron tub with a decent basin size. Kohler Seaforth = 38" basin. Weren't sure about Americast. Sigh. At least we will end up with an improved linen cabinet as part of the deal (currently old with drawers that don't work well).

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Yeah! I love my 5' cast iron tub. And you'er getting a new and improved closet this is great.

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Enduring--I didn't mean that all textured bottom tubs result in sandpaper rash...only the Bootz tubs the OP was asking about. Their tubs have a much more robust texture to the bottom which is why we opted against them & went with the same Kohler Villager we had in our last home for 11yrs in our current home of 2yrs. It was worth the extra $$.

Aeshel--So glad you were able to work out getting a 5' tub in there! You won't regret it! Looking forward to seeing progress pics!

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