compare 2 options for narrow master bath

M_N_AJune 7, 2013

we have a narrow master bath opening at the short end.
we want double sink and bath and shower separate.

it's quite challenging to stuff things in such a small space but we came up with 2 options. want to see your comments.

the curved corner tub is neptune wind which we like.

the shower will be about 30"x60". it can be a sliding door on the 60 side or a swing door on the 30 side. an angled door will be fine too.

so which is better? any more suggestion? the door actually is better out swing because of the limited space inside

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Neither. The shower is too narrow. I had a 33" shower before my renovation and I hated it. I would lose the tub and put in a great shower. Also, the vanities across from each other is awkward. The two people using the sinks at the same time will bump butts. I think you need to choose between the tub and the second sink.

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Definitely the one on the left and I would put a glass wall and door between the showe-tub area and the sink-toilet area to unify the shower and tub. Google images of tub in shower, Japanese bathroom. The idea is that you can shower and then step in the tub for a hot soak. Wow! It will be awesome. Ps Glass door is optional and the edge of the shower is at the glass. In other words, the whole end of the room becomes a wet area.

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Of the two options I'd go with the one on the left. But like others said 30 is really narrow for a shower. I've seen a lot of nice setups of tub in shower and I think you have the perfect space for it.

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I like the one on the left, and while I'd agree that 30" isn't ideal, it's pretty standard when people replace a tub with a shower. My problem with the left hand design is that I don't see a good place for the shower door without a very awkward entry.

EDIT After all, people shower all the time in alcove tubs with glass doors. A glass surround will feel less constricting than that.

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Incidentally, if you were inspired by the neptune tub in the condo in the FL panhandle someplace that's on Houzz, they use the tub as a shower, too. Not sure how I'd like that, though.

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Can you swap the toilet and shower in the left hand one? My bathroom was long and narrow, too, and it can be done, but I don't think either of those is really practical as currently plotted.

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Left one. Can you substitute with a free-standing tub? Also, is your drawing to scale? If the shower is 30x60, it looks like your door opening is narrower than 30"

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hi all thanks for the input. the shower can be 36x60.
emily_mb mentioned Japanese bathroom. I guess it's like a wet room for shower/tub area only right?
something like this?

it looks pretty cool. the only concern is the water proofing and sloping is more difficult than enclosed shower, and dirty water may splash into tub very often (we don't think we will use the tub very often).

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If you are moving the toilet, it may actually be easier to try to bathroom door in a different position while you are at it.

I think the double sinks are a bit too close to be useful in a single vanity in an adult bathroom. You are going to be elbowing each other.

Actually I don't think you have enough space between the shower and tub even at the narrow end for a code compliant access to the shower with a sliding door.

I would try moving the door and looking at options 3 and 4 before committing to these.

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the layout is similar to this one from houzz but the tub will not be tiled. a free standing tub will take even more space. an angle door might make it easy to enter the shower

switching the toilet and tub won't work as the tub is 36 wide + 24 for vanity, only 20" left for the door

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With the restrictions you've mentioned, I think enclosing the shower and tub in a wet area is your best option.

The toilet location isn't the best, but hey, it is what it is. Restrictions are common and some times you have to go with what you have.

I'd rather have the two vanities side-by-side. With them on opposite sides they are pretty much unusable by two people at the same time due to insufficient floor space.

I'd run a glass wall across the shower/tub space. With the curvature of the tub, I'd add a small tub deck as noted. It's a simple addition.

Your shower door does need to swing out. I had considered a bi-fold door that would open outwards and fold against the toilet wall, but the thickness of the folded panels might impinge on toilet knee space. That was to allow a more open feeling when in the tub. but since you wrote that the tub would be seldom used, two fixed glass side panels and an outswinging glass shower door should be fine.

It's very easy to make the shower/tub space a wet room. Use topical membrane like Hydroban, then tile right over the membrane. Easy.

For plumbing within the shower, add a handheld on a hose. That way if any suds get in the tub, you can easily spray it down with the handheld when your shower is over. It sounds like more work than it is, but it's fast and simple.

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That layout is actually rather different. Notice the angle on the shower. You do not have room to do that and it makes a very big difference in being able to get in and out of the shower.

EDIT I meant the layout in your photo, M_N_A. Mongo and I must have been posting at the same time.

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I like your wet area idea, Mongo. That seems like the most practical way to fit everything in.

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Here's another variation just for grins.

I allows for separate vanities with non-conflicting foot space by putting them cross-corner from one another.

That allows for a linen or storage closet in the corner.

The fixtures or vanities can be flip-flopped as you desire. The layout as drawn is just there to offer another idea.

I'd put the shower door on swing-in, swing-out hinges. That allows the door to swing out if someone in the shower becomes incapacitated. That allows the door to swing in if someone left a vanity drawer or door open open which would otherwise block the out-swinging shower door.

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How much space does the tub take up? It looks like more than 36" width. There are actually freestanding tubs that are 60x30"

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The mongoct left drawing is Exactly what i meant. Just open the door inward only. After all, it is not a door to a restaurant s kitchen. You can always do a threshold so water doesn't spill out of the wet area. Almost anywhere in the world but the US, the dimensions are palatial. I think you will have an awesome bathroom

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Can't comment on dimensions, but much prefer the one on the left. The split vanity looks odd and I wouldn't want the sink next to the toilet. Are 2 sinks a must? Although not sure if you gain anything with a shorter vanity.
Also like Mongo's wet room option.

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> Just open the door inward only.

This is against code for emergency purposes, because you could fall against the door, making it very hard to reach you.

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The door can go both ways. Mine does. But I only open it inwards.

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Tub in shower

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I wouldn't put a door on that shower at all. Just leave a nice wide opening. If you put your shower head 16 inches from opposite end (and buy one that you can adjust if you want it pointing further in the middle) - your spillover into the remaining part of bath will be minimal.

We had our bathroom built so we could add a door if we wanted to but wanted to try without. Boy howdy! We will never go back. Really keeps a spacious feeling in the bath and so nice not to have to hassle with "opening and closing" of door. Cheaper too.

I know I've posted this pic a jillion times but it seems relevant in case you haven't seen - shower size is 5X5:

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Thanks for posting a picture of your beautiful bathroom. It's the first I've seen it and would love to see more. Can you please post a link to your final reveal here? Thanks!

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Thanks so much for asking.
I didn't do a good job of specifying products used in my "reveal" - I used a "plumbing designer" and the plumbing fixtures were the most disappointing aspect of bath though they are adequate.

Anyway, here is a link to what I posted on Gardenweb a couple months ago (or so). Let me know if there is something you need to know that might help you.
reveal for hall bath - narrow with curbless shower

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thank you all especially mongo, emily and elphaba for sharing your ideas! really appreciate it

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M_N_A, Did you get the Neptune Wind tub? If so, how do you like it? We are strongly considering it for our awkward main bath. But we would have to use it as a shower also (although there is another shower in the house.)

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