Talk Like a Pirate Day

christmascandySeptember 19, 2012

Since it is Talk Like a Pirate Day, I switched the table.

I kept the striped tablecloth as stripes seem kind of piratical. Then I used the silver chargers, wooden platters, and pewter plates.

I used several lanterns with battery lights in the CP.A few gold coins scattered for pirate loot. I should have scattered some gold chains and pearls with the gold coins, but didn't think of it in time.

I used wood handled flatware and bone handled knives along with striped napkins.

Where is a pirate's favorite place to eat?


What is a pirates favorite soda?


What is a pirates favorite movie?

Any one rated RRRRR.

Ahoy maties,


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Arrr, This is such a fun way to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day.
I can't think of any puns right now (darn).
Everything goes so well together.
Love the silver chargers, dinner plates and tankards.
Great idea using the wooden plates too.
Thanks for sharing this delightful table, Candy, it makes me smile!

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Candy, sweet Pirate table for Talk Like a Pirate Day. I never take time to see what kind of day is being celebrated. Glad you had some things to put this one together so you could share with us.

The two silver lanterns are pretty and look good with your other lantern and gold coins for the cp. Makes me want to come over and go looking for the pirates chest full of jewels and more money! Do you have the tea on?

Like the way you tied the napkins and set them on top of the plates. Great to see your steins again. They look so good with this setting.

So glad you used your pewter plates with this setting. Reminds me I have mine stashed some where and need to pull them out and set a ts with them.

This one's for you.
What was the pirate's golf score?..........parrrr


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Arrrr - blow me down...what a great table!
I can actually hear the ship creaking and feel it swaying
as I look at this.
Love all the lanterns and pewter pieces even the wood plates! The wood flatware goes
perfectly - especially that bone handled knife.
Everything Fit for a Pirate! You did a wonderful job once again.
*A joke from my middle DGSon when he was a Pirate for Halloween one year...
How much money does a Pirate pay for corn on the cobb?? >>> A Buck An Ear !!

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Yo Ho Ho! What a fun table and once again you have just the right pieces Candy. The tablecloth made me think of the sea and the napkins were the waves. Wood and pewter couldn't be more perfect and the lanterns too. I really loved all the pirate jokes too, will have to remember to tell them to my DGD. ;o)


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