Quiet Wall Ovens?

trickpea0May 19, 2013

We recently replaced our 12 year old GE Profile double oven with a Kitchenaid and learned that nowdays seemingly all of this type oven have control board cooling fans. In our case it is an obnoxiously loud wind sound heard all over the first floor.

I've done quite a bit of web search for information as to what brands or models might not have this problem but haven't found conclusive results other than complaints for the same thing from Whirlpool and and Maytag owners.

Consumer reports makes no mention of this "feature" in their reviews though the two above brands came out on top of the heap.

I would sure like to know which ovens are out there that don't come with the wind noise soundtrack. Any help is
really appreciated. I'm running out of time to return this or exchange it and no stores I know of have them wired up for a test drive.

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Which kitchenaid wall oven do you have? I just purchased one yesterday but I'm afraid cause it had no reviews.

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The model is kebs277bss.

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Mine is KEBS209BSS I'm really rethinking it now but it seems like everyone has mixed reviews.

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My Elux non-icon double wall oven is very quiet. The fan runs for a while after I turn it off, but I only hear it if I walk right by it. Because so many people here had been complaining about the oven fan noise, I asked DH the other day if he could hear it. He didn't even know what I was talking about. He couldn't tell the fan was on. The convection fan is audible while operating, but the regular oven is not noisy. And I'm the woman who is freaked out by the clicking on her induction cooktop, so it's not that I'm just insensitive to sound. Au contraire.

To be fair, my oven is installed in the wall to the garage. If the oven were entirely within the house,perhaps the fan would seem louder.

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We have an older Elux Icon oven, circa 2006, and I can not hear either fan, convection or the the cooling fan, but one poster said the newer Electroluxes are a bit more loud, but still not bad.

KA ovens had a terrible problem with the ovens after self cleaning. (a couple years back). According to a couple of posts here on Garden Web, KA installed bigger noisier fans to correct the self cleaning problem and the new fans are a bit on the noisy side,


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Our new Whirlpool was so loud we told our salesperson within 4 hours of installation that it would be going back. You're right, it's hard to find a showroom oven that is in cooking-mode. After researching here, we decided we wanted a Bosch. Guess what? Our dealer has 2 ovens in cooking mode that they use for demonstrations (like baking the free cookies on weekends!), and they are both Bosch. Hmm, must be because they're pretty quiet. We went at closing time on a Friday night, when the store is quiet, to listen to the fan. We could barely hear it. Installed it, and within 2 days we were as unaware of it as of our refrigerator.

It's been a month, now, and no thoughts of sending it back. It's the low-end, Bosch 300-series, double wall oven.

Do a search here at GW for "quiet wall ovens", you'll also find Electrolux and Gaggenau mentioned.

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Thanks so much to all of you for helping out. Decided that with the information provided, the only safe choice was Bosch.

It's unfathomable that our KA dishwasher is so quiet ( a sales point focus ) and yet the same company will sell you such a noisy oven to go in the same room. What sort of managment is that demonstrating?

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I wonder if you got a lemon? The fan in my Kitchenaid KEBS177 is barely audible, really! (Can't hear it unless I'm right next to it.) Now, when I use convection I can definitely hear that fan, but it's still quiet enough that it doesn't bother me in the least. (Can't hear it in the next room.)

Edit: Mine is a single wall oven; maybe that makes a difference in how loud the fan is?

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After raving about my Bosch, low-end as it is, I hope you are as happy with yours! Which series/model did you go with?

My mother has a KitchenAid oven, and it is not as loud as the Whirlpool, but I think my Bosch is quieter.

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Just completing our kitchen remodel and everything went so well, but appliances have been a nightmare. I have the same Kitchenaid model as Jennifer 11203 - used it for the second time tonite and the fan is unbearably noisy plus it ran for a good 40 minutes after I shut it off. Planning to go to Sears tomorrow to see if anything can be done but I am not really interested in spending more money to remove and replace this oven, plus I am concerned if I do go that route, will another oven fit my cutout. I thought I was buying such nice appliances but at this point I am very disappointed in everything but the Sharp Microwave drawer.

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Bruce Hansen

Pardon my ignorance, but I've never had a convection oven, or an oven with a fan, for that matter. Does the fan only come on when the oven is in convection mode? Or do modern ovens use the fan all the time?

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I'm not aware of it if the oven in my previous range, which didn't have sophisticated electronics, had a fan. My new wall oven has two fans, one which is super quiet and is always on when the oven is on, presumably to cool the electronics. The other comes on only in convection mode and is somewhat louder, but not loud. That's what convection is, moving heat around, distributing it more quickly, and this is accomplished in an oven with a fan. You might have already known this bit about convection, but I included it to be clear.

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I am late to this conversation and I sure wish I had happened upon it sooner. We recently installed a new KA wall oven that looks fantasticâ¦and is fantastically noisy. The oven's two fans - the convection fan and a separate fan that keeps the electronic panel cool - both operate constantly during the pre-heat, cooking and cool down cycle regardless of cooking method chosen. It would appear that KitchenAid (and apparently a few other oven manufacturers) neglected to pay attention to decibel levels when deciding on this 'new and improved constant air circulation feature. According to a repairman with considerable experience, replacing the fans on these new models does not solve the noise problem. Our only consolation - we will be relocating to a new house soon. As for our new oven? It will remain brand spanking new as it won't be seeing much action in the meantime.

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And⦠somehow my KitchenAid oven is pretty much silent. I think the noise thing is more subjective than specific to oven manufacturers/models. It also probably depends on your house/kitchen. Many ovens on the market today will have some complaints about noise, yet many people will not have a problem. Most of the people complaining are probably used to older ovens or free standing ranges that did not need cooling fans.

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My Kitchen Aid double wall ovens are noisy. The top one is convection. We had two service calls and finally my husband took it out and the back was loose making all the racket. But it is still fan noisy though much better. It would be so ice to have a silent oven.

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I am replacing a very loud Thermador, model c302UB, which has had nothing but problems. Two neighbors have the KA kebs209bss model, 2 years for each, and it is silent. Both have used the self clean function without burning out the electronic components. Both glass panes are still clear, no filmy buildup. One neighbors' cooks unevenly, the other neighbor reports no problems with uneven cooking.

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Wow...I don't know what to do.

We are just beginning a major reno of the kitchen. The selection of the single wall oven is becoming my greatest frustration.
We are in Ontario, Canada. Consumer Reports has the Whirlpool as #1 and KA as #3 but reviews continue to complain about noise. One poster said that KA is supplying a repair kit for the fan noise which is best installed at installation. Apparently the post for the fan needs to be lengthened.
Have any of you heard of this ?
Do you think that will solve the problem?
I considered calling KA customer service but wonder if that will be helpful or just Customer PR.

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"One poster said that KA is supplying a repair kit for the fan noise which is best installed at installation"

Any more info on this??? We have a double wall oven we just purchased... and it is noisy(the top oven)

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I found what I was looking for with the information to repair the fan noise.

It goes by model # and covers KA, Whirlpool and Maytag.

What is your model #

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I had the issue with the fan noise that sounded like a plane propeller!
Kitchen Aid KEBS109BSS

They came with the repair kit (thanks to the help on this forum!) which contained a washer. yes. A Washer... (Actually 2... 1.... and a spare).

The instruction was to make sure the fan wasn't bent where it goes through the shaft (my installer just flattened it with by banging a wrench against it...). And then place the washer on the shaft before replacing the nut.

The noise has reduced about 80-85%. I have asked them to now replace the actual fan (which I think will totally fix it).

It is way better....but I can still hear it a bit. And definitely when I open the door quickly before the fan stops.

it seems that the washer holds the fan flat so it can't wiggle and start deforming the hole where the shaft goes through the fan.

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Yes, that is exactly the information I have. Certain models (and there are quite a few) suffer from this more than others. Or, should I say their owners suffer from it.

The direction is to have your installer order an install kit #W10308286
It includes everything GTAOntario mentioned above.

The release date of the alert is March 2014

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Make sure they also order the replacement fan. My repair person said it only provided the washer - and that they need to just hammer the fan flat !!

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Are there any fanless - no cooling fan - 27 inch wide wall ovens made today?

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>Are there any fanless - no cooling fan - 27 inch wide wall ovens made today?


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Another latecomer to this thread -- do you know if the washer fixes the issue with the KEBS277BSS01 model? Additionally, it seems that the convection fan runs regardless of whether or not the convection mode is on. Is this behavior you've seen, too? Thanks!

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Well...here I am 4 months after having the oven installed and I love it. Not noisy at all. I was all prepared to order the repair kit but totally unnecessary.

It is a wonderful oven for us. I hope it works well for everyone else.

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We also were disappointed in the unbearably loud whirring noise in a new KA wall oven installed in February 2014. We resolved the problem a month later, in our case by having the entire fan mechanism replaced courtesy of KA Customer Service. The new fan is audible, but infinitely quieter than the original.

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My KA wall oven is quite a bit older but same problem. Such loud fan noise... it was just annoying. I had two service calls and was told both times, well ma'am that is just the way it is. Eventually when I couldn't stand it a minute longer my husband took matters in hand and somehow got it out of the wall and rigged something to set it on while he worked on it. He tightened up whatever it was that was rattling and it was so much better to this day. I figure that the repairman knew what a pain it was going to be to take it out of the wall and just blew us off. I am glad that I married a man who knows how to fix things. He's the best.

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