Blue black and white ~ my final summer table

milosmom_gwSeptember 17, 2010

I had some downtime tonight for a change and decided to do some playing.

This will be the last summer table I do for the year with the wedding in 14 days ,it'll be onto fall by the time things settle back down, though I have done the rest of the house fall decor already and will make a seperate thread for that.

I kind of went with fun and funky instead of something with purpose thus the odd choice of centerpiece.

It suited my mood of the moment.LOL

The side cabinet..

The table..

The centerpiece ..

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Awww, what a neat owl. He not only looks wise, but also sweet. As for the black 'n blue...well that is pretty neat also. Your napkins caught my attention fast!

Gosh, just 14 days left, the count down is speeding by it seems. I'm already excited about us hopefully getting to see a wedding picture or two? (tho I know some folks don't like their photos on the internet.)

I'm glad you had some quiet time tonight to play.
hugs, Karen

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I like your tablecloth, very pretty. That's a neat owl too, and a great conversation piece.

Bet you are excited (and nervous) with the wedding coming up soon. Sure hope you enjoy every minute of seeing your wedding dreams and plans fulfilled.


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Whooooo? Whoooo? Whoooo's been busy this evening? Gosh, girl. You need to take it easy. Or do you just work best under pressure? Luvs is right. Take time to enjoy this.

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Another fab table! I particularly love the graduated candlesticks on the side table.

Is that a snowy owl? Is the name Hedwig?? LOL
You could do a great Harry Potter table with that cute owl!

Wow, 2 weeks, I'll bet the excitement level around your place is really getting up there!

I too, hope you will share some wedding pictures.

Enjoy these next 14 days, especially day 14!!


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What a "hoot!" Cute table, MM! That t'cloth just is so "party-oriented!" So I like the black & blue accessories complimented by the white & silver!

So, MM, it's time for you to find a comfy spot, close your eyes & just think of "Whooooo you are" & the days ahead. Rest, as your friend here, does at night! TFS your last summer t'scape! Jeanne S.

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Karen :
I'm sure there will be a pic (er two) to go around once it's all over. :)

OA: I'm a person that always has to be doing something or get easily bored. Being under pressure only tends to make that more agressive but I sure get a lot done when it happens. lol

CC: I got more than enough of HP as my son was at just the right age to drive me nuts when that first started coming out. I'd not torment myself by naming the poor guy that way. LOL

Thank you :), I'll have to remember to do that.
As it is, for some strange reason I'm feeling in a very good place in life. Odd as nothing is really changing from what it has been for years other than my name and I'm a bit more broke now. LOL

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Nice change with your blue and black table. Your owl is pretty neat but I always enjoy your beautiful flowers too. Did you put glass beads on a silver platter around him? Looks very neatly placed if so. Your stemware is very pretty and great job folding those napkins. Striking sidecabinet on this post.

I'm getting excited to see your wedding pictures too.


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