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phonegirlSeptember 1, 2013

It's been so long since I posted a setting so thought I'd try and see if I still know how.
I want to thank everyone for keeping our forum going. I've been so busy and it's been great
knowing I have an extra day this week to catch up.

When I sat this table it reminded me of Jeanne with the country feel.
I found this cp at a ys a couple weeks ago for 50 cents. Brought it home
and gave it a quick rinse. Looks like new again.

The salad plates were another ys find for $1.50 for
the set. They are Sakura Les Olives Embossed. You
ladies have given me alot of knowledge on dishes
since I came here.Thanks(I think)LOL

I bought this top on my buffet from one of DD's neighbors
for $25. It really adds a county look to our dining room. The punch bowl, cups and underplae was
another fun find this summer ys. Paid $10 for this. It's a Tiffin Moon & Stars Franciscan and is from
the 40's or 50's and was made in Ohio.

I'm hoping this is the start to keep me going on here again. Geez, to think I use to post a new setting
every two weeks. I just donated alot of my dish sets to the Salvation Army along with so many
other things. Now I'll probably wish I had them back.LOL


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So glad you're back Punk!
Wonderful table. I love the way you stacked the plates and the colors are just right..
Watermelon really says summer doesn't it?
Sweet figurines, are they Homco?
The top on your buffet is terrific. It's perfect in your Dining room.
The punch bowl and cups were a fun find. I got one as a wedding present, it's been packed away in my attic for years.
I really enjoyed seeing your table.
I hope you will be able to spend time here again, and share your wonderful tables.
We missed you.

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Thanks Nana for all your comments on my ts. The figurines are Homco. You have some of thse too right? They were some of DM's.

Have you shared your punch bowl set with us? I have a blue and a gold carnival glass punch bowl set from the 70's. Didn't need the new one but the crystal is so nice and heavy I couldn't pass it up and this one came with an underplate. Good enough excuse to buy another one.LOL

Dug out my old computer this weekend and came across a set of plates, bowls and corn holders I had picked up at a sale this year. So I should be setting a new table soon if all works out this week.

Watermelon says summer for sure. However it is cooling right down here in the mornings so won't be long before fall is upon us.


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Great table setting! The stacked plates look great and such a cute center piece :)


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Hi Punk
What a nice surprise to see you back here!
Your ts is filled with beautiful finds.
Love your new plates and how you layered them As soon as I saw your figurines I thought of Nana. I love the ones she has and now you have me 'eyeing' yours!
Now if that weren't enough, I'm really green with envy over your Hutch top Witch fits in perfectly and looks great. I can't believe what you 'stole'...paid for it! Lol

I hope we see more of you now...You've been missed ...

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Thanks SD!
Jane, love it when I send a surprise your way. I didn't steal that cupboard. It was $25 of my hard earned money, dear lady. I didn't even have to jew them down.LOL DD has the best deals around her neighborhood for sure.

I bet it's so hard for you not being able to decorate and share with having your home on the market. I still keep trying to convenience DH we need to rebuild. I know he's afraid he won't get the two big shops if that happens again. I should of married a dummy I guess.haha

Thanks for the comments ladies.


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Ohhh...this is so good to see, punk! I love 'Watermelon' tables ... remember Jane's wooden slice ... I still have some 'hunks of logs' sliced that I never got painteD!

What a steal (I agree with Jane) $25 for the cupboard top! Wow, love it! & that rinsed off centerpc is cute. Really love those 'Olive' green salad plates! Candles, of course...you never disappoint! Now I've been lookin' for the 'surprise' item ... I guess it has to be the 'punch set!' Everything is very country here! Good to see you posting, punk! Thanks! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, yes I remember Jane's slice. I seen some 'hunks of logs' like that up at the credit union and mentioned it to one of the gals. She said just take them but I couldn't do that. I really do need one of those. I hope you get yours painted. BTW, loved the 'hunks of logs' made me chuckle!

Thanks for all the comments. I set my Cornucopia with roses on the buffet for my 'surprise'. Guess it doesn't look to out of place or you just couldn't tell what it was.LOL I just wanted a little more color.

Hope your starting to feel a little better df.


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Ha! Jeanne gave me a chuckle too over the 'Hunks of logs!
I just came across mine when I was putting stuff away. I almost forgot having it
You gals could make one easily with the talent u both have
Punk if I didn't want to move so bad....I would never want to build again
Too many complications...but then again you're younger than me and
would Do okay!


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Love the country table setting! And you sure got some awesome buys!

Can't believe you donated some of your dishes, now I guess you'll just have to buy more. LOL. I still would love to see what you have in that storage shed of yours, it always sounded like a treasure trove of stuff.

Hugs, Karen

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Love this!! The colors are perfect and the watermelon touches are just right.

The CP was a steal, the hutch top was a super buy!
I keep finding dishes at TS's even though I have many that I haven't even used yet!!

And to think, in my former life, when I bought a new set of dishes, I gave the old ones away!!!! I'd never even heard of tablescapes back then.

I think red and white gingham checks are also very summery!

I can't believe it is already Sept. and Labor Day is over!
Where did the summer go?
Although it is still very hot here during the day, but the shorter daylight hours and cooling down at night tell me fall is around the corner.

Great execution of your table and theme!


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Jane, if I had your home I wouldn't either. I don't like the thought of moving but have alot of things I do differently next time.LOL

Karen, you can fly out here and we'll go through the shed any time. I've told myself I have to get rid of things before buying any more. I sure don't want to be the next victum on the 'Hoarder' show!

I'm Hoping to go pickup an antique oak table ($50) tomorrow to go with a set of antique oak chairs my df gave me. They will replace my current set in my painting room.

Candy, summer if flying and the cooler nights are great. We had a $40 power bill last month which was amazing. Not sure how many years it's been since I seen that dollar figure.

I was tickled to see your ts tonight. Hope you will continue to share All of those dishes you have been buying. It is amazing how our lives change and we have a few regrets. I'm telling my self to give, give, give so I can keep on buying.haha

Thanks so much everyone for all the comments. What a great bunch of ladies here.


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