Bathtub reco: HydroSystem vs Jason or Bain Ultra

fortainesJune 15, 2014

I have a narrow space and am looking for a 28-30 inch wide bathtub. I would love to have a 66 inch length (max available), but have only found 1 tub to be 30X66. It is Hydro System. I saw a few Yelp reviews online, all negative.

Is anyone familiar with Hydro System or know others that would make this size? I am considering the combo whirlpool and air---I hear whirlpools now are self cleaning and no longer have a mold problem. Also thinking about 2 chroma therapy lights. While I am not a believer in that as a "therapy", i thought it would be a nice effect. I was thinking of Jason or Bain Ultra, but I would need to go with 60" length

Any advice here?

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I have a rather long thread on this here and if you search for Jason you will find a few others.

Here is a link that might be useful: GW Thread on Jason / Bain

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I've installed a number of Bains. They are excellent. The fact they pump air and not water means there can be no leaks.

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We just started our remodel and chose bain. at the time i was comparing against jason but the nearest jason showroom was an hour away and we got a pretty good price on the bain so went with that.

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Is anyone familiar with Hydro System? They are the only company I found to make a 30X66 size.

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