some neat Halloween ideas from BHG

PurplemoonSeptember 17, 2011

Guess I need to go back to Dollar Tree for some of those tacky skulls and such, LOL. I've put these in our Halloween Inspiration album to save too.

Candleholder Goblets

Thrift-store glasses become centerpiece-ready with a coat of black spray paint. Choose textural goblets for the most detail, set them upside down to spray-paint, and tape a few to preserve the tops. Touch up any edges with a black permanent marker after the goblets dry. Note that after decorating the goblets they are meant for display only. Use sand to raise votives to desired height. Place the goblets on a black tray or a mirror embellished with spray paint. (tip for painting glass...use FLAT paint, or Krylon poly FLAT sealer before painting)

Ghost Books

A stack of old books forms the stand in this spooky centerpiece. To make, cut two basic ghost shapes from pages in the middle of a book, leaving the bottoms attached to their pages. Hold up each ghost with a touch of tape. To complete, use a hole punch or marker to make eyes for this haunting centerpiece.

Chalked Skeleton Centerpiece

Spray-paint Halloween props with black chalkboard paint, then outline them with chalk for frightfully aged flair. Fill the cauldron with a decorative bottle.

Silver Skull Centerpiece

For a centerpiece with both spook and glam, spray-paint a plastic skull silver. Use black feathers to create a to-die-for boa around the "head of the table." Place the skull on a black raised stand or footed dish for a lively Halloween decoration.

Enjoy, Karen

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I like the black goblets and the ghost books, but personally have never cared for the skulls, body parts, or bloody decor for the holiday. Just my own bias.


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I love the ghost books, too & am going to try to do that! Also I have 4 goblets like those from one of those Home Interior party's or such ...& they are even black! I must bookmark this page. candy, I'll enjoy other's here on the forum! LOL! TFS, PM! Jeanne S.

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Actually I've not liked Halloween body parts either. I don't even like Jack o' Lanterns scary faces. Give me witches and ravens and owls.
But somehow painting everything black like the one photo did make that stuff look kind of neat. And the silver skull 'dressed' up too.

hugs, Karen

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I love the ghost book. I'll probably try that. I like the skulls too, tho.
But I don't like gory bloody decorations at all.

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not into the gory part of Halloween either but those water goblets have so many possibilities and not just Halloween - they would be great for 50th birthday and for New Years Eve teamed with some silver ones and made into a glitzy centerpiece - mind is in overtime now ......


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Marlene Kindred

I wish I didn't get creeped out so easily by Halloween decorations...I blame it on my brother making me watch all those scary movies with him when we were kids. The idea of them I really love, but skulls just give me the creeps.....weird, but true.

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I'm beginning to notice a trend here.....we don't like scary, gorey Halloween stuff! LOL
That is probably why I never decorated for Halloween, till
a few years ago. (Enablers R Us struck again). Of course
it probably helped that purple became a popular Halloween color. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Count me in on the not liking the goreie side of halloween, but I love the pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, scarecrows. I guess you might say that the harvest side of the holidays are what I enjoy more. I never decorated for halloween, either until this forum, and I have bought all kinds of halloween deco this past yr at TS and goodwill.I bought a big ceramic lighted Haunted house at GW right after the holidays last year, and the other day DH cut me out some little tombstones to put in the yard. I have painted them black, but not got the eppitates (SP) on them yet. Just think about all the fun I have missed in years past! Janet

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I absolutely love the Harvest/Fall decorating and have been inspired by so many on here to go all out on that. As for Halloween - it has to be the 'cute' side of Halloween for me but not overboard - I do have some very cute witches and ghosts that I will put out and also Jack-O-Lanterns, Fall stays out till Thanksgiving and then Friday it is Christmas ALL THE WAY - love it :) .....


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Karen, those goblets are so neat painted black with the candles added. I too love the little spooky ghost centerpiece. Clever... Skeletons don't creep me out for Halloween. Seeing the chalk board painted items and silver skull are neat. I generally have a few skeltons hanging around here even tho I love the cute things more.

What fun ideas and you even included how to make all these!


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I also saw on a blog where someone got the spider "rings" from Dollar Tree (a bunch come in a bag). Their spiders were black and they sprayed them with Krylon Glitter. The glitter really made them look neat.
These rings can be used everywhere when decorating, so you get big bang for your buck!

hugs, Karen
(who just came into this century and joined Facebook. LOL)

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The Painted goblets are a great idea! I am getting excited for Halloween decorating. I have decorated for fall, but am waiting to take pictures when my brother visits next (he has a better camera than I do). The book idea is also very cute!


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I was messing around in my messy garage today...clutter seems to breed out there when I'm not looking. LOL. I ran across one of those clear vases you find so easily in GW for a dollar. This one was pretty decent sized, and the glass was textured. Actually it looks ribbed. I had some flat black spray paint left, just enough to do the vase. WOW. Ok, I'm HOOKED now! I will probably do a couple more before Halloween, will be on the look-out for ones that have texture. I amy even do some orange for Fall decorating.

hugs, Karen

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Karen...I remember last Halloween season that someone posted about painting the inside of one of those clear glass pumpkins w/a glass lid ...ORANGE! (or maybe it was SILVER)...too long ago, already! Anyway, I thought it looked cool.

I found a glass pumpkin last yr & posted it as part of my decor (I like the clear glass, too) ....but then this Spring at a garage sale, here's a glass one again for only 50 I guess I need to experiment, too! TFS these painting ideas! Jeanne S.

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