Finished remodel of our 80s master bath

badgergalJune 1, 2013

This remodel has been done for a while now but I only recently took pictures so here it is. We had thought trying to change the layout but could not remove the window and didn't want to give up the closet so we just updated the space.
Here are a couple pictures of the old bathroom.

Should we have tried to save those beautiful raspberry sinks? Not.

This over sized tub was not at all comfortable to sit in.

Lovely brass framed shower

And this is how it looks now:
Kohler Mariposa 5-1/2 ft. whirlpool tub

Larger frameless shower with low threshold granite base and 11x13 Dal tile Salerno (Marrone Chiaro). Accent tiles ar Universal Smokey Topaz.

Bertch 60 in. Donavan vanity:

Kohler 15 in. Caxton sinks and Kohler Forte Faucets in vibrant brushed bronze

Floor 18in Dal tile SALERNO MARRONE CHIARO (with under tile heat mat which we love)

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Wow, I love the new look! I bet those raspberry sinks would be nice in the right space, they're pretty awesome! But I can't think of a look to match, so maybe not so much.

Looks nice and relaxing now.

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Wow - What a transformation! Love the color scheme. i think keeping the current configuration was a smart decision and the larger shower is much nicer. Did you use Starphire or regular glass?

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What an improvement, great job!
I also have an 80's bath to redo and yes it includes an uncomfortable oversize tub surrounded by white tile. Similar layout as yours, but my shower is small. No room to expand from the tub to shower controls wall, because the WC room is behind the controls wall. Hoping to widen it from back wall to shower door though. I'd like to have room for a bench just like yours.
Can you please tell me the dimensions of your shower stall and also the bench including height? Did you have a bench originally?


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OMG those sinks are hilarious! It looks beautiful now, great job!

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Thanks everyone for your compliments.

Mother of 3: the glass is just regular 3/4 in shower glass. It was expensive enough as is so we decided not to go with the Starfire.

Island: we gained 6 inches of width for the shower by using the 5-1/2 foot tub instead of the 6 ft. We gained a little bit of floor space between the tub and vanity too because the new tub is not as wide as the old one was. I can't remember how many extra inches we gained on the depth of the shower.
The shower now measures 37 x 48 and we find that is more than adequate for us. We did not have a bench in our previous shower. This bench is 18-1/2 inches high. Neither my husband or I actually sit on the bench very often but we are still glad we had it built in. If we didn't have it we couldn't use it at all. And since we opted not to have a little niche we do keep soap and shampoo bottles on it.
Tinan: my neighbor has the same sinks in a weird shade of blue/green. I imagine there a more houses in the neighborhood with them too. They were Kohler sinks and probably high style back in 1988 when our house was built.

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Thanks for the additional info BadgerGirl.

When you say your tub is 5'.5" is that the inside length or the entire thing including the tub surround?

Would you mind telling me what the length is from the wall at the end of the tub end to where the shower stall glass begins?

That shower stall would be more than enough for us also. We're in S. CA, where water is scarce and don't waste it lingering in the shower, but I would like a little more space to add a bit of style and a bench to put a leg up or sit if I neeed it in the future. I too would rather have that than a niche.

Our current stall is only 33" x 41" and may be able to expand on the 41" a bit but I think our tub is already 5" or 5.5 so can't gain anything there. Hard to tell what it is since the tub deck extends a few inches from the large oval opening before it disappears under the tile surround, if that makes any sense.

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I can't imagine why you'd want to get rid of those sinks--LOL!

Nice, nice transformation!!!

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island: the 5 -1/2 ft. tub measurement is the outside length of the tub so that includes the white surround that goes right up to the tile on both ends. The tub is Kohler's Mariposa drop in style. The pony wall for the shower is 5.25 inches wide. The glass is situated right down the middle of that pony wall so from the opposite tub wall to the glass it is 68.63 inches.

Hope this info helps

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Yes BadgerGirl very helpful, especially since that area is so similar to mine. I even have a large window like yours except not as attractive. Mine doesn't have an arch on the top, but it comes down within inches of the tub and is tiled up to the sill so not sure how that tile is going to come out without trashing the window. We'll see. :>)
Thanks again!

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island: sorry, I forgot to give you the dimensions of the bench itself. It is 37x13x6 and as I said the top of the seat is 18.5 inches above the shower floor.
Our plumber actually did all the work in our bathroom except install the granite. We had thought about using a pre-formed corner seat but he said those are pretty useless for actually sitting on. He said not to have the bench go all the way to the shower floor because suspended like we have ours gives you more foot room. He built the bench with 2x4s and they are tied into the wall 2x4's. It is completely solid. He was a perfectionist about every bit of our bathroom redo. He built the tub surround frame and had to put in a new window sill since the previous one was tile over cement board.

I actually did all the tile demo for the entire bathroom. I used a hand chisel to remove the concrete that was below the previous floor tile. It came up pretty easily. I was glad I had that window right there and that it was on the first floor because I opened them up and threw the debris right into a utility trailer that I parked below the window.
The plumber put down a plywood layer over the sub floor and then used a self leveling compound before laying the tile.

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Beautiful!! We are preparing for an 80's redo ourselves so your master bath is a true inspiration. Ours is configured a bit differently but over all the shower, tub and vanity will be the same sizes. Luckily we have been living with biscuit fixtures but our other bathrooms didn't fare as blue and dusty rose so I'm familiar with those crazy 80s colors! BTW, mine are gone too;)

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Badger - thanks for posting (I know you shared via email but still fun to see on-line)
We are still in the talking stage - but if you have a chance - can you post with your sink drawers open.
I love your faucets - I might have to snag those as well.

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A2, Since this vanity is only 60 inches wide and has 2 sinks, the drawers are partially under the sinks and there is not as much height for the drawer stack as there would be in a longer vanity

We had the option of going with 2 deep drawers, 3 shallower ones or just a door and shelves. We opted for the shallow drawers because we could put larger things in the cabinet or the linen closet.

We wanted shallow drawers for small, miscellaneous stuff. Here's what happens to be in mine this morning. Not sure what's lurking in the drawers my husband uses, so I won't even open those. And yes, that is a saduko book in the bottom drawer. Sometimes you just have to have something to do while sitting in the bathroom.

We like the style of the Forte line. I like a single handle faucet but my husband wanted the 8 inch wide spread option. So I let him have his choice. Our plumber was there the day the granite people came to measure and he mistakenly told them it would be a 3 hole 4 inch spread faucet. We didn't notice that when we signed off on the template drawing. Ooops. The granite arrived with the wrong holes. We do not like the look of those narrow spread faucets at all so we were not going to live with it. The plumber offered to take the granite and buy us a new top with the correct holes drilled in it but we just opted to use the escutcheon plate and the single handle faucet. So I sort of got what I wanted. If we had originally chosen the single handle, I would not have used the escutcheon plate with it.

A2, my first grandchild is due in a few days, check out the baby's room on the link below

Here is a link that might be useful: grandbaby's nursery

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OMG!!! Beautiful! Looks like I could relax there for a week and still not get enough of it. Great job. Colleen

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