Bluestar Price Increase

MichelleDTMay 19, 2012

I heard from our local dealer that Bluestar will likely have a 3-5% price increase in June (they anticipate 5%). I guess I need to quickly decide between 48 and 60 and grill/griddle or double griddle. Mister doesn't have an opinion one way or the other...well...maybe he is leaning a bit toward the grill/griddle on a 60".

Anyway, for those considering, you may want to check to see if your local dealer has heard of the price increase.


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Wow! 5% is a bit steep. We were just quoted prices for the 36" cooktop and rangetop by our local distributor (about $2000 and $3600, respectively, plus tax). I've always lusted after BS, but given the issue of venting am now thinking hard about induction. The price increase may push me further.


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Yep...the venting becomes complex but we are building new so can address it as well as the MUA needed. Forever home, dream I am going for it. Will be doing ModernAire ventilation.

I was working with the Bluestar rep so will order B4 the increase as I am set on the BS (went back and forth for months over BS and Capital but can't get over the Capital simmer issue - assuming it still is an issue).



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What about the fire insurance costs for exploding appliances?

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Marcolo - Oh my...where are the recent or past reviews of exploding BS's?

Please link them or point me to them so I can review.



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I also toyed with the idea of getting a cooktop with the grill/griddle and after talking with several salesmen and some friends that had the grill, decided not to go that route. For one thing if you have a grill you will need a fairly powerful vent/hood to pull the smoke out of the house. Instead I decided to just get the grill attachment to put on the burners when I do decide to grill indoors. Have been happy with my decision.

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Marcolo how long have you worked for captal

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I know the grill/griddle combos seem to be popular due to the easy flexibility (choose whichever you want to use, no pressure). But here's another option to consider, especially if you ever entertain large groups (which I suspect you might, if you're looking at a 60" range).

We're vegetarian so grilling was never high on our list (though grilled veggies are quite delicious). So I wanted a 24" griddle on my CC 60" (ordering soon), for doing fun stuff like teppan yaki or, more likely, breakfast for large groups, but I also wanted to grill once in a while. Trevor from Eurostoves suggested I get a grill instead, then get an aftermarket griddle top, like this: Unfortunately I have not tried it, so I can't give you a review of the product.

Enjoy your new monster range, Michelle!


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Been awhile since I've been.
People still mudslinging Bluestar?
Nice to see nothing's changed :)
Had my 36" BS rangetop for nearly 4 years, it's only exploded 3 or 4 times. My youngest girl was killed in the last one but the Bluestar sautes so wonderfully that me and the wife decided to overlook the minor inconvenience.
Re: grill vs griddle I also got the grill and bought a griddle to go over the grill, works perfectly. Good griddles can be had cheaply ~$30 or less.
As far as venting, if you're buying a 36" monster like this good venting is a must no matter what the burner configuration.

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