Does the shelf in my niche look like a creme sandwich?

jennydecoratesJune 6, 2014

Hi all, my tile and grout guy just left. The shelf in niche reminds me of a creme cookie sandwich. Perhaps because he sandwiched two bullnose pieces together. I have never seen this look before. Is this right?!?!

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Sophie Wheeler

Most people would have picked a piece of their granite or quartz for the shelves and for the shower curb. When you pick tile for that, you gotta have grout lines.

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It took me a minute to see what you were talking about...I thought you meant the back tiling. So it doesn't jump out too much, if that helps! But yes, it looks just like a nice cream sandwich once you point it out. :)

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We used a single piece of marble tile for all of our niche shelves (tops, bottoms, and sides as well). Your sandwiched bullnose tiles don't look terrible, just different from what I've seen.

I will say, that I am very impressed with the tile work surrounding and inside your niche--totally flush, lined up beautifully. Your tile guy appears to do very nice work! :)

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I doubt I would've noticed if I hadn't been specifically looking. BTW, what is the tile inside the niche. Looks like it has a botanical motif?

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I just had my niche tiled yesterday. I don't have a shelf in the middle, just a basic 12" x 12". Mine is edged with 1/4 round and it couldn't be matched up exactly with the surrounding field tile. But it looks fine. In reality, you'll have a head full of shampoo and just be happy to keep the soap out of your eyes.

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We chose to use a thick piece of glass for the niche shelf to avoid the creme sandwich look.

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You can buy stain for the grout after it is dry. I would not be overly concerned about it though.

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I would not in a million years note that had you not pointed it out. I think it looks lovely and carefully done.

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Babka NorCal 9b only looks like that since you pointed it out. Anyone else would be looking at what you put on the shelf. How many people are viewing your shower niche on a daily basis? Don't mess with the grout, unless you want to paint it pink.... I hope you will smile every time you walk in there and think of a cream sandwich. IT makes that shower YOURS.

I have one grout line in my shower that is larger than the others. No one in the whole world will see it and say gee, that line is wider than the others...

Relax and I hope you will enjoy your new shower, w/o getting hungry whenever you shower!


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