Does Electrolux ever go on sale?

annkathrynMay 5, 2012

I'm considering an Electrolux induction range, but it's very pricey. It seems that retailers are punished for discounting Electrolux. AJ Madison currently has a deal for $500 off when you buy 4 appliances, but I really don't need 4, I just want the range. Has anyone found this brand on sale?

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I didn't see any "sales" when I was shopping, but I was able to get my Electrolux Double Ovens that were a display model in the showroom, at a significant discount. Some displays are in a live kitchen, some are not. Mine was not, it's never been hooked up. I also pulled the trigger on a Viking cooktop today, it too was open box but never installed. I saved about 500 dollars over the retail price.

I would suggest this route if you can find it, it's "seemingly" worked out well for me. Mine should all get delivered and Installed in about a week.

Good Luck!

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I've never seen the 'lux products go on "sale", but they do run rebates frequently. I saved significant money on my double ovens, 'fridge, and most recently my washer and dryer by waiting for rebates. Ask your local retailer or just keep a close eye out. Electrolux can run them, but local retailers also can run them from time to time.


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A couple of years ago (when I bought my E'lux induction range), they had a 10% rebate. More specifically a debit card arrived a few months later with 10% of the purchase price (which had to be spent, not deposited in a bank).

As I recall, I had to buy in late June for that to work, but it may have been in celebration of the new range; I'm not sure its an annual thing.

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Thanks for the info! I went to my local Sears Outlet and also looked at Sears online, but didn't find any floor models. I'll look at a couple other places here in my area.

Maybe there will be a Memorial Day Sale or rebate offer?

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Last year, end of July, I bought the induction range on sale for $400 off, ajmadison. I hope it works when I finally get to install it -- at this rate, the 1yr warranty will be up by the time I get to install.

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Don't rely on your local Sears Outlet. Go to their website where you can search nationwide for what you want. That's how we found our Lux double oven and warming drawer at way more than 50% off.

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Yes, that's what I meant by Sears online, They don't have any of the range I want (induction cooktop). I'll keep checking as I don't need to order right away.

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Thanks, ex007, for the sears outlet info. I was able to get a floor model of our Electrolux double wall ovens for half price. The delivery is a bit more, but we still saved a lot of money. Thank you so much!

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