What is the average cost of installing tiles these days (so.cal)?

kt1003June 27, 2012

I live in the Los Angeles area and I have gotten 2 quotes so far. I need tile work done for my Master Bathroom which consist of 56SF of floor tiles and 130SF of wall/tub deck tiles. One quote was $6350 and the other $3800... I'm a little confused on why there is such a huge difference in pricing. Both would require me to have the shower pan hotmopped before they arrive. The higher price will use backboard, while the lower price will be floating the walls. The quotes are to cover all material and labor (except tiles, which I will be buying). Tile sizes are 18x18 floor and 8x12 or 8x10 wall/tub surround. I'm using ceramic tiles. I'm planning on getting a few other quotes, but is this the price range I should expect? Any thoughts?

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I pay a handyman in the LA area $25/hour to install tiles. It took him about 12 hours to remove the old tiles and install our new basketweave tile (harder to install than larger tiles) in a small guest bathroom. He still needs to grout and seal, but that's probably another 2-3 hours. $6,350 sounds really high.

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I can't advise strongly enough against hiring someone to tile by the hour. More times than not, it's someone doing it as a sideline, and doesn't know what to charge for the work, and it doesn't usually turn out well. As for the OP, your best bet is to get one or two other quotes. You'll get a much more accurate idea of what a fair price is. But off hand, I'd agree with pipdog that the 6300.00 figure is way high, from what you've told us.

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We are in no. Cal. I recently had my master bathroom tiled (approx 32sq feet of floor tile and a 100 sq foot shower). The shower and floor were 12x12 porcelain tile. The shower floor was tiled with 2x2 mosaic. We did our own demo and bought the tiles separately. We got 2 quotes: One was for $4300 and one was for $3500.

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I gotta start charging more.

itsallaboutthefood-- I just did some figuring. Based on a basic installation (tile all square-set), using a kerdi drain and hydroban waterproofing, I'd charge just under 2000.00, and that includes everything except the tile, grout. and caulking.

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Does that include building and tiling a 6" curb for the shower, installing a new shower valve and fixtures (and moving pipes since we changed the type of shower to a hand held), installing a safety bar, and prepping the shower floor since we used to have a shower pan and the tile guy built a sloped, tiled floor (although he used some kind of ready made pan under it), and a 12x18" cubby for stuff? We paid for the valve and fixtures. The walls were also completely demo'd (used to be tile over sheetrock or green board). They did their magic with wire and mud etc. And they also tiled the 4" baseboard on the walls around the floor. Our tile was all straigh set (with a band of mosaic around the shower at eye level).

Just curious...we are happy with the job they did...we wanted a something which will last 40 years since we will retire in this house. But I am curious to know if we over paid.

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Thanks for all your inputs. I will be getting a few more estimates this week. I did call the company that gave me the estimate for $6350 and told them I won't be going with them as the price is too high. He came back and said he'll do it for $5600, which would include the hotmop. I still declined.
itsallaboutthefood- thanks for your estimates... based on yours, I think the price of $3800 is around the right price.

Bill - wow! What a steal of a price... where are you located? Like others have stated, I wish I can fly you in, out you in a hotel and have you do my tilework! It would still be cheaper!

Just got a quote for $4500. This would include floating the floors and walls, including the shower pan (with some plastic membrane or something...poly...) Just a bit more info, my shower stall will be 3'X 4' with a bench of 16" (part of the deck that is 20" high). Tub is a 66" drop-in with some tile work along the top and 8'X 20" of tile along the side. Any thoughts on this? Around the right price to pay for my area?

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It WOULD include the curb, but not the plumbing. I'd even include a niche at that price.

He came back and said he'll do it for $5600, which would include the hotmop. I still declined.

Good move. If he's going to drop his price that much, AND include the hot mopping, he's desperate for the work. There's probably a good reason for that.

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Wow...course if we had flown you out to do it...it would have cost more! :-)

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I'm in Orange County and just paid $2000 to tile a 60"x30" tub/shower enclosure. We used 3"x6" subway tiles and had a few rows of mosaic detail tiles and 2 niches.

We did all demo and paid for the tile, grout, and kerdi.

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Labor, Durock, and thinset only..... 800.00

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Does the average tile person install the Durock, or does the homeowner / contractor do that ?

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Sally-- it's different for each installer. As you know, I prefer to install my own. That way, I know it's in properly, with no overlaps at the outside corners, and no huge gaps at the inside corners, as well as knowing it's been screwed in properly (i.e.-- proper spacing of screws, and knowing ALL screws hit a stud)

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juddgirl2, would you mind sending me the contact info for your Orange County tiler? I'm also in Orange County and am really looking for one. Thanks!

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