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harry_wildJune 20, 2012

I am done removing my bathroom and had to return a 24" X 21" vanity base that I purchase with 2 drawers and a door. The plumber said that he could not install the vanity without cutting into the support for the first drawer. So I returned the vanity to the store and got the clearance price which is 60% of what paid for it.

The plumber said that I need a 2 door vanity. So I was hunting and saw that they were in most cases more then the 2 drawer models.

I ran into a designer and she said that my depth is too much for the bathroom since I have to notch the door trim about 1 1/4" to make it fit the bathroom.

The question I have is; is the designer right or should I stick with my plan. I have already purchased previously a quartz 25 X 22 vanity top also.

Also, feel free to supply any suggestions would you like. give me

Thanks for your reply.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Not a good idea or good look to have to notch trim to fit a sink or vanity, especially when a smaller size will do....or look into the layout of the bath.
Perhaps if you posted some sketches?

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We were very limited as to the depth of the vanity for our guest bathroom, very limited. The original sink in the room (a tiny, wall-hung sink) was only 17" f to b. We found the Sonia vanity that ours is modeled after, in the showroom where we got all of our bathroom fixtures. It is only ~18.5" deep.

The Sonia (Europa?) vanities are expensive, so we had a local guy custom build our vanities. Not only did it save us a lot of $, but we were able to modify the vanities somewhat, to better serve our needs. For ex., the Sonia vanities are only 31" tall I believe, and ours, with the sinktops, are 36" tall. This allowed us to make the drawers taller, which means we can store more stuff in them. We liked the vanity so much, we opted to have the guy make the same style vanities in the smaller width for the other two bathrooms.

We did not have to notch any door trim, nor did we have to notch any portion of the cabinet. The base molding in the room was installed so one piece runs from the door trim to the vanity leg, and another piece runs from the other side of the leg, up to the back vanity leg.

The guest bathroom vanity is 31.5" wide, and the other two bathroom vanities are 24" wide.

I think there are very similar vanities from Ronbow (?) that might cost less??

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Thanks for the replies.

I will think it over but I like for the most part; a vanity with more depth. The notching is on the entry door trim since the vanity is position against two sides of the wall one of them being next to the door opening to the bathroom from the bedroom hall.

I welcome more replies since they help me clarify my judgement.

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Put a filler strip between the entry door wall and the vanity. That way you won't need to notch the entry door trim.

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I think your designer is correct that a smaller vanity would look better, but that doesn't mean you have to follow her advice.

I had to go with an 18" depth vanity in my bathroom for the same reason that you state. The vanity top is 19" deep. I'm quite satisfied with it. The door to my bathroom is also smaller than normal, so the extra couple of inches makes it easier to move in the bathroom. I know that Strasser, Bertch, and Kraftmaid all make vanities in the 18" depth.

Has your vanity top already been cut?

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I found the solution to my problem by using a wet tile saw and cutting the quartz vanity top across by an inch. I used my old 7" diamond saw blade too. It worked great. I going to place it on top of my vanity cabinet and see how it lines up with the drain and make another cut on the side so that the cabinet will be flush against the side wall too.

Sometimes, you have to think about the problem for a day or so before the solution comes. I just hope the old blade can cut another 21"s. Then I will install back my current diamond blade. Just did not want to dull a pretty recent blade doing this type of cut.

Before cut dimensions: 24" X 22"
After cut dimensions: 24" X 21"

By the way; I purchased a 24" X 18" vanity cabinet on clearance too - after the cut!

As the saying goes: "It better to be lucky then smart".

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For future reference... Its not that big of a deal to cut the back of a drawer to allow for plumbing. If you put the back of the drawer back on, you will never know the difference. I have even relocated the drawer support.

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Also, use your new blade for cutting. That vanity top is a lot softer than any porceline. Is it really worth the risk?

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A filler would be ideal. However if that's not an option, I would notch the door trim any day of the week. It took me 5 years to notice that Mom & Dad had to notch the trim in their guest bath (the one I use when I stay over or just visit for a couple hours). That's in a $$$$$ home, too. Unless someone is looking for it, no one is likely to ever notice it...Well, maybe if they're stuck in your bathroom for an hour or more, they might notice it. But other than that, you should be good to go.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for all your replies!

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