Kohler Tub with Effervescence, Jason MicroSilk or Something Else?

mydreamhomeJune 11, 2011

We're in the middle of a new build and it's time to find a tub. Our space accomodates a 72" x 42" tub. DH likes jets--air or whirlpool doesn't matter to him. I, on the other hand consider jets a form of abject torture--it feels like they're beating me up (I don't like deep tissue massages, either). I prefer more of a very light massage or caressing feel. To that end, we are looking at the Kohler Purist oval tub with the effervescence feature or the Jason Microsilk. We will likely be adding the whirpool or air bath feature to either of these we get.

Please share your experience with either of these 2 tubs--likes, dislikes, etc. Are they all they're cracked up to be--does the Jason Microfilk really help skin texture/moisture? It's not advertised, but does the Kohler help too? Are these tubs worth the $$$?

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OK--so I definitely was not phishing for ads here. Look how old the original post was! pajacuzzi's 'My Page' shows his homepage to be the Jason home page. Do these guys really think we pay attention to their blatant attempts to increase sales & get free advertising? It just turns me off completely. But maybe this is a good time for an update & product review since we're finally in our new house & enjoying our new tub!!!

We ended up going with the Kohler Purist tub with effervescence, whirlpool jets & back/neck jets & I love it. Bottom line was I could not see the Jason tub anywhere in my area & I got such a great deal on the Purist, I couldn't pass it up. I actually look forward to coming home after work and climbing in my tub!! The effervescence feature makes the lightest little champagne bubbles that just barely move the water & feels like a relaxing caress. I sleep so well afterward! DH is very pleased with the whirlpool & back/neck jets. Our tub also came with the chromatherapy lights & they are so nice when you really don't want harsh light. You can just turn off all the other bathroom lights & turn the chromatherapy lights on and you're good to go. The tub is nice & deep and you can fill it to overflowing for complete submersion of your body from the neck down--it has an overflow channel just for that! I would definitely buy the Kohler Purist tub again if I had to do it all over again.

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I'm so surprised that it's hard to find information about the Jason Microsilk on these forums. The spamming seems to really have gotten in the way. It was so amateurish, it hard to believe it really came from a member of the Jacuzzi family...

At any rate, mydreamhome, do you still love your Kohler Purist? That has received rave reviews and seems like the best of all worlds. One question for you - is it difficult to keep the overflow channel clean?

I'm glad you are enjoying your new house! I'm just doing a bath and laundry room and am so grateful for all the help here!

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crazybusy--love the screen name! Yes, I still love my Kohler Purist tub. Really, the only thing to clean in the overflow channel is any dust that might have accumulated or a few hairs where they blew on to the tub edge while I was blowdrying. We typically use the tub 2-4 times a week. Since the channel is nice and wide almost all the way around, you are are able to easily run your cleaning cloth along it. Where it is narrower, it is also shallower, so no problems there, either.

I posted a link to another thread that discussed the Purist tub as well. There is a pic on there of my tub toward the bottom where you can see the overflow channel from the side. Overstockdeals.com still has the Purist tub in it's many variations at the lowest price I could find.


hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Other Tub Thread

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I've just been looking at the Jason website - curiously they market their Microsilk for its dermatological benefits rather than for just feeling good on your skin. Besides Microsilk, they also offer another micro-bubble tub line they call AirMasseur which seems more like what Kohler's Effervescence tubs have. Anyway, Jason seems to make about 500 different tubs - even after I drill down to specific sizes and features there still seems to be a list of 25.

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