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PurplemoonSeptember 12, 2013

I haven't been doing much in the way of shopping in a long time. But recently the Humane Society opened a big, new thrift shop and I had to go check it out. The Friday I went, they were just putting some XMAS stuff for that weekend only and I 'beat the crowd'. First thing I spotted was this 3 ft high Woodland Santa. I grabbed him up fast, THEN looked at the price. $10. I was grinning the rest of the day. Wooo Hoooo.
(of course, when I took him back out of the box while ago to get a photo, guess who just had to check Santa
out the moment I snapped the photo.....yep, Trouble aka Jazz)

And recently I went to my favorite antique place, and saw this little china cabinet. I fell instantly in love
with it. The curved end panels are some kind of metal mesh. This is one heavy cabinet thanks to all the iron on it. I put it in my sitting room, that was my Dad's room. Its perfect in there.

hugs, Karen

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Love them both!
The Santa was a great price for one that size and that cabinet is fabulous!

Did Mr. O happen to notice Teegan when he helped get the cabinet into the room? LOL

You have it decorated so quickly, but I'm thinking maybe it needs some fall touches?? Come on, you know you want to do it!!

We went from summer to fall in 2 days. It was in the 90's over the weekend, and now we are having record rainfalls and only into the 60's. They were closing schools, businesses, and roads all over the front range today due to the extreme flooding!!! Weird weather this year!

Glad you got out for some retail therapy and made some great scores!


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Karen, wonderful to see your post tonight. OMGoodness, two incredible finds!!! That Santa is a wonderful addition to add to your beautiful Christmas decor. I would still be smiling if I had him. Looks brand new. What a deal for $10.woohoo

Love your new cabinet too. It looks great all decorated with so many of your beautiful things. The metal mesh must of been popular. Two of my cabinets have it and I think that's partially what drew me to them.

Candy, I hope your ok with all the flooding. Please let us know how your doing.


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Punk, we have had as much rain in a couple of days as we usually get in a year!!!

Fortunately, where we are is high enough we have not been affected by the flooding, but getting to work this morning was a challenge!!

I have lived here almost all of my life, and never before have we had major closings due to rain and flooding. It is just unheard of as we are a high desert climate!!

Thanks for asking. Don't mean to hijack Karen's post, just answering the concern.

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Thanks, ladies. Candy I saw on the news about the terrible flooding in CO. Wasn't sure how affected your area is, or where my oldest son is (Basalt) He's at the Snowmass Village Resort if you know that place. Hope no problems for either of you.

No my Mr Oblivious still has never Teagan. She's in the next bedroom, my study actually as no bed in there. Just bookcases, curios, and my desk. The things in the new cabinet were in one of those tall slim curios like you have. I just moved it to another room that had a space for it. I won't be doing any Fall in either of these back bedrooms. I just do the family-room, bay window, kitchen counters, entry way, and front porch. This new cabinet is on the wall the bedroom door is, so you have to go in the room to see it as its not visible from the hall. Otherwise I'd do it with holiday decor.

Punk, Santa was in his original box and also he's in great condition! Someone took good care of him!

hugs, Karen

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Candy, you're not hijacking anything. I'm so glad you added the update about your area!

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Candy, I'm so glad to hear your higher up!(maybe more ways than one LOL) That must of been a nightmare to drive in. Sure hope you, Karens son and all stay safe.


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Woohoo to you Karen !
I agree what a score on that Santa - he does look brand new and well cared for. Jazz checking him out >> love it. I've missed seeing him nosing around your decorations - and boy he didn't skip a beat with you putting out this guy!
LOVE that cabinet. The lines are beautiful and the metal accents make it so unsual. I also love the color and the patten of the wood. It's great how the glass curves around so you get to see what's inside from that angle too. I see you've got it all decoratred already - and everything looks great. I'm happy too that you got to do some 'shopping therapy'...and with what you brought home...was WELL worth it! glad to hear you are okay. I thought of you and wondered if you were affected. My brother lives is Boulder..however, he's here in CT visiting my father so thankfully he missed the awful flooding.

Karen...hoping your son stays safe too. Seems the weather around the country has been getting crazier and crazier ea year.


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Jazz is merely investigating your great buys! Love orange cats.

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Well, you know what I am sitting here doing .... just oooing & awwwwing over your $'stolen 'Woodland Santa!' Love his fur coat & burlap toy bag!!

But that cabinet, wow, purplemoon, I am happy you brought that home & that you found the perfect spot in your Dad's is gorgeous! Love the wrought iron legs!

Fall decorating coming up, uh do plenty! I've potted some 'Mums' outside & they are lookin' good ... so far Dollbaby got into her Fall duds & 'apple' decor on the buffet. Hopefully, porch will get done in Oct. Fall & the smell in the open right now & sunshine! TFS, PM! ~~Jeanne S.

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Karen, most of the flooding was on the Front Range, especially the Boulder, Longmont, Loveland areas.

Jane, I hope your brother's place is OK as Boulder was really affected by the flooding.

This has just been the strangest week. It was record setting 90's last weekend, and then to go to cool weather with more rain in 2 days than we usually get in a year!! Mind boggling! I guess we were fortunate it was rain, as that much rain would translate to over 14 feet of snow!! Yikes!!!

Karen, I was in HL yesterday, and they did not have any Santas like yours, but anything that size was at least $80 or more!! What a deal.

I LOVE that cabinet and have my eye on that darling fairy on the bottom right.....if she goes missing....I know nothing!! LOL

Have you been getting any of this rain? It looks like it is coming up through AZ on our weather forecasts.


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LOL, Candy...isn't that little Fairy adorable! She has the sweetest face. Did you use the zoom on Photobucket to see her close-up? She was in Goodwill several years ago, and so were the little ducks and sleeping kitty. For some reason, my weird mind put them all together, she is shushing the ducks while the kitty sleeps. LOL

Pink, Jazz misses NOTHING and investigates EVERY thing! Which is why he also answers to Trouble. :o)

Jeanne, soon as I saw that Woodland Santa, you crossed my mind. I always think of you when I see woodland decor.

Candy, last week we got a LOT of rain from that system and many areas really flooded here causing some damage. Tho not mine in central Phoenix. Some roads sure a mess tho. Temps dropped down to 84 for two days. A shock, and unheard of this time of year. Now its back over 100. Darn it. Sure was nice while it lasted.

hugs, Karen

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Marlene Kindred

LOVE the little cabinet, but I don't think it will fit in my suitcase when I come to visit and rifle through all of your cool stuff! LOL Really, it is beautiful and the $10 Santa is a total steal. You may not shop often, but when you do, you really score!

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Great finds, Karen!
I hope this means you will feel more like decorating.

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Karen, I forgot to tell you that I zoomed in on your cabinet and it is even more amazing than I could of imagined. The little fairy looks like she's telling the little ducks they need to use their inside voice! She is adorable. Also your cup with the hanky and pearls is beautiful. Cute birds in the other one too. Are they all together or did you just add them to look like that?


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Punk, the little teacup 'n saucer with lavender and the teddy bear, hanky and pearls came that way. I saw it on Etsy quite awhile ago, and loved the vintage look to it. The other cup was just a pretty one I saw at the antique mall and got super cheap. I put my tiny bird trio on a nest in it just for the heck of it.
I'm glad you also saw the charm of the fairy girl shushing the ducks so kitty could sleep. That grouping always make me smile, I just love her....she's got the sweetest face.

LOL, Marlene! You're welcome to come "rifle' any time.

thank you, Nana :o). As a matter of fact, I finished all my Fall decorating on Sat. I'll share some photos soon.
hugs, Karen

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HELP!! How do you zoom? I tried right clicking, I tried the tools tab at the top of the page, No Zoom, :(

Please remember I am the tech challenged one! I need each step, assume I know nothing, which is true.


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