tonights table

milosmom_gwSeptember 9, 2010

Had a stern chat with myself to get motivated and put this together for future MILs visit ahead.

Tomorrow night, future Sister in law and the boys will be arriving for the weekend so it was now or not get it done with the 8 yr old and the 1 yr old running around. LOL

I didn't do the sidecabinet as I have to many things to do (i.e. breakables to hide) before the kids get here.

I don't like the white under the centerpiece bowl, gonna have to change that but I digress. *sigh*

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What a nice change for your table. Love the red and black setting on your beautiful table cloth. I like the white center, to me it really brings out everything else on your table.

Your going to be a tough act to follow tonight but I will post my new table I just finished.


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Your bowl centerpiece is so pretty. I think some floating candles would look great in it--and I don't think your table needs the white piece either--your tablecloth is so pretty and colorful on it's own. You sound tired, too much going on right now, huh? Be sure to squeeze in a little down time too, okay? Luvs

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Sneaking in while the FSIL gets the kids down for bedtime. Whew!! I forgot how much little people can tire a person out.. LOL
I tried floating candles in that bowl once before and the dern cat got up there and drank half the water and batted the candles around in what was left. O! talk about a mess so now it just sits. lol
I changed the bright white piece out for a more tan one that matches the cloth a little better but still allows the pattern in the bowl to show up.
FHs nephew walked by the table and goes " we're not really gonna sit there for dinner are we?" .. umm no child, that's for gramma.
You're right , I'm exhausted and it's been a terrible migraine week but there doesn't appear to be any end in sight until at least after the wedding.
Tomorrow is the hot air balloon liftoff first thing in the morning, a funeral mid-AM , FHs company picnic,& dinner with friends.
Sunday is visit his family, get the kids on their way back home & final fittings for everyones wedding clothes.
I told FSIL earlier, I guess I'll rest in my next life. LOL

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Wow, sounds exhausting to me, just elope! LOL

Amazing you had the energy to put together such a pretty table. It all goes togehter very well, the tablecloth is perfect with those glass pieces!

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Beautiful t'scape, the rich colors of the place settings & the centerpc bowl..napkins & rings also look good with that lovely rich t'cloth. Take a few deep breaths, MM...this too shall pass. TFS! Jeanne S.

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Holy Smokes! I can't imagine fitting all that in one day.

Love the tablecloth. AND love, love, love the red glass plates.

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You have me totally exhausted just reading your schedule!
And to add in migraines is way too much. I hope they back off while you get thru all this.

Pretty table, especially the tablecloth! Colors are so rich and vibrant.

hugs, Karen

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That is a gorgeous tablecloth and the bowl is wonderful!
Hoping all goes well!

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