New Construction Kitchen

cinciguyMay 10, 2012

OK - Here goes - we are open to any and all feedback. We are getting ready to pull the trigger on the appliances for a new home.

We are a family of four, lots of baking (cookies, brownies, potatoes), lots of microwave use, and lots of water boiling (pasta, corn, etc). Some omelets.

Any suggestions on these choices are welcome (I'll add my thoughts too):

Dishwasher - Miele - (this is non-negotiable)

Fridge - 48" KA built in (no ice or water through the door) - (lots of reviews on ice issues, and rust and cracks, but also lots of 'never been happier' reviews, love the width) this will be paneled with custom handles

Oven/Micro - Electrolux Icon - with microwave (not convection) - (like the concealed coil, consistent temp reviews and control panel, and style)

Kitchenaid Convection Cooktop> - best looking out there, big burner in the middle

Alternate Cooktop - Thermador 5 burner - again one big burner in the middle - still debating gas or induction

Any thoughts or recommendations are very welcome!

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