Schluter Linear Shower Drain

Babka NorCal 9bJune 1, 2013

Does anyone else have this installed? Got pics? Close ups? I don't think ours was installed correctly. There is no grout around the edges of the frame, and they put the frame in AFTER the rest of the floor was tiled and grouted. The shower pan was tested for water-tightness (48 hrs) before the shower floor was tiled, so I'm not worried about leaks, just the finished look. This is a premium installation. Will be meeting with the GC and the tile setter on Monday.


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How about pictures of your installation?

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I should think you could go to Schluter dot com and do some research there. Their videos and instructions are quite complete.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Spent some time looking at those videos...(wish the installers had done the same).The CG and the tile sub have agreed to remove and replace the shower floor tile to line up properly with the linear drain. It is a beautiful drain, if you can say that about a shower drain...

All will be well in the end. I am so glad some of these "mistakes" are fixable, and even MORE glad that I have contractors that are willing to put the customer first, rather than just giving excuses.


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