I can't say no to dishes!!

christmascandySeptember 6, 2010

I keep finding dishes at the TS and the prices are so low, I can't say no!! I found these blue Bordallo Pinheiro salad plates for $6.76 for 4 and the 2 floral plates were $1.49 for both.

Then these 4 Debbie Mumm salad plates were $1.99 for the set.

Then I found the Kimble Country Life dinner plates that matched the salad plates I used in my Back to School Tablescape and 2 more of the salad plates and they were .42c each. Then 2 of The Olde Curiosity Shoppe plates also .42c each. and 3 of the Johnson Bros Indies pattern ironstone dinner plates were $3.99.

Here are the Kimble plates.

Finally, this rooster plate, NIB, was $3.39.

I keep thinking I won't find any more plates that I will want as I now have quite a few, but then I find some and they are so inexpensive, I can't resist!! Then the wheels start churning "OK, how can I create a tablescape with these?"

I guess I could stop going to thrift stores, NOT!!! LOL



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Those aren't inexpensive. Those are practically FREE! It's no wonder you can't say no.

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Candy, I"m right there with you, (I"ve got to learn to post pics) I had a set of dishes that I bought shortly after my second marriage. Then I got tendinitus in my wrists and went through a spell of everything I picked up slipping through my hands. I had broken most of the cups and all but 3 plates during my "clumsey" spell. I had took what was left of the set to the storage shed and when I was canning, I sent DH to the shed to bring me in some empty jars. Wouldn't you know , he brought the dishes back into the house. Last week, I went into 2 different TS s and in the first one I found 5 of the plates to that set. Then I went into GW and found 6 teacups, on the same day. Talk about coincedences, so now I have a complete set of the dishes that I had loved so long ago. This evening after I got home from DT with my new glasses(which I needed like a hole in my head) I made a table runner and 4 placemats from the same $1 piece of fabric that I bought at a ys and had already made a tablecloth from it, remember? Talk about getting my $1 's worth from a ys piece of fabric. I guess you could say that I"mm really addicted,huh? I also bought a set of ironstone,"Mountain Ash"by Anchor Hocking. It was missing the teacups, but I already have solid brown cups from another set that will work great with them. I paid $5 for 4plates, 4 salad plates , 4 saucers and 2 bowls. I think the only way I could keep from buying dishes would be for the TS.s to close. Janet

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What the Heck do you want a CTS for?
I can't believe the fantastic things you find at the TS you go to!
I love all the plates. Those Bordallos are so pretty.
You did really well, and I'm looking forward to seeing
how you use them.

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Wow Candy, with buys like that, you would be silly to pass them up. How wonderful you found Kimble Country Life dinner plates that match your salad plates. All your dishes are ones I would buy in a second if I found them. I've never seen the Bordallo plates at a good price so love it that you and others here find these and share.

Janet, sounds like your a lucky one also. So happy you saved your old dishes and found more to match. Have you tried to post pictures? The ladies here are so good at helping. I'd love to see all your dishes, tablecloth. placemats and runner.

So happy for both of you.


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Candy, you've got to be Queen of Bargains at TS stores.
I never see such great dishes at ones I go to!! You always me blow me away with your finds, and the prices.

hugs (and Congratulations),

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Thanks for the encouragement!!
Of course, the prices reflect the fact that I shop on senior discount days!! In fact, GW here gives at least a 15% senior discount every day, and 25% on Monday.
My consolation for getting older and my right side starting to falling apart...sore shoulder, sore back muscle, sore knee,...seems like everything on the right side hurts. But I forget about that when I find great bargains. LOL.

Tuesday is senior day here for ARC and Ross. Hmmmm, tomorrow is Tuesday.....


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The rich get richer! How on earth do you find such beauties (and at such prices). I thought I was good...

I love everything, but the little spring-like floral plates really tickle my fancy. And the Kimble plates are great. In fact, everything is so pretty. Senior discount every day! 25% on Monday! Wow! I only shop at my favorite TS on Fridays and Saturdays when a certain cashier is there who gives good prices (all things there are priced by the cashier as you check out). Of course, that keeps me from gobbling up everything in sight.

- Magpie

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Darn, Candy, I wanna come shop at your TS! I like all your plates, and the prices are fantastic. Seldom see pretty ones like that around here--and certainly not at those prices. I'm a Debbie Mumm fan and that set of plates is darling. Love the rooster too, and am so happy you found more of the "house" plates. Soon you will be stashing them under your bed like the rest of us--or are you already in that phase???? LOL

Janet, that is so wonderful that you found the missing pieces to your set. Isn't it wonderful how finding great bargains gets us excited and our minds off everything else? So glad you got to do that.


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Magpie, I would suck up to that cashier big time!!! Around here, the TS all have prices on everything.

Luvs, I travel with my job, so I visit TS's all over. I don't want to go to a restaurant by myself, so I get fast food and eat while I drive and then spend my lunch time at the TS's.
Actually, I have my set of Thanksgiving dishes in their boxes stashed under the sofa in the FR as it is skirted, so they don't show!! I bought them at Home Goods, not a TS, but I liked them so much I had to have them. Also, I bought them last year before I found this forum and started collecting dishes from the TS thanks to all the enablers on here!! LOL.

Janet, you have got to learn to post pictures!! If I could learn, anybody can. I would love to see your tablerunner and placemats, as well as your dishes.

Jane, I never find good flatware at the TS and those green handled ones from CTS were so great!!

Punk, I think partly my finds are because I am willing to "sort" through what is on the shelves. Digging for Dishes!! LOL

OA, I'm still looking for the schoolhouse dishes for you.

Karen, I rarely get to yard sales as they are usually on the weekend when I am golfing, but I have scouted out the TS in all the areas where I travel for my job. Goodwill and Sal. Army have the lowest prices to start with and then if I get the senior discount, that's when the prices go from .49c to .42c, or the expensive ones go from .99c to .85c!! LOL


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I am pea-green with envy, Candy! You do find the best bargains! I love every one of them, but my favs are the first two floral plates. They look like they're from the Fifties to me.

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Marlene Kindred

Wow...I haven't been over on this forum for a while, but you really hit the jackpot! LOVE the blue plate with butterflies and all of the rest too.....you go!

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