Diary of a Dishie

janet1_2007September 26, 2010

Check ou this gal's blog:

Dairy of a Dishie@ http://dairyofadishie.com She sounds like an intersting person, just like all of us. Her Grandma Rice sounds like me! Janet

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Janet, I have to tease you a bit....I couldn't get the link to work. Then I realized it said DAIRY instead of Diary. LOL. Anyway, here's the clickable link to make it easier.

I have her bookmarked. Thanks for a new blog to check out.
hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Diary of a Dishie

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I'm having trouble with getting anything to work, from YouTube...however, I enjoyed the apple Galette recipe...
I'm going to check her Ebay shop out.

Thanks Janet..


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Hello Janet, Karen and all,

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog, Diary of a Dishie!

Diary of a Dishie is 2+ years old, so there's lots of content about dishes, dinnerware, table setting, etc., as well as a number of recipes. (Search box is part way down on the right.)

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Thanks for dropping in here, kimbesa. Dishes and table settings are a favorite around here, so I'm sure your blog will be enjoyed by us. I love the name of it. LOL.
Great choice.

hugs, Karen

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This is a very informative blog. It's just like signing up for a night class at the local community college. This woman knows her stuff and shares it with everyone. It's well worth bookmarking.

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I'll go take a look later today, I've been on here too long this morning already--it's no wonder I don't accomplish more each day--just too much fun stuff on the computer! ;o) TFS


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Hi Kimbesa and welcome to our enabler-generated forum ;^D
Love your blog and am glad that Janet pointed it out to us. Your recipes & pics have made me hungry again, just looking at them. Am on my way to town to take DD in for an orthodontist appointment and am now determined to get apples to make your gallette. Many thanks!

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