Halloween 2009

nana2010_gwSeptember 23, 2010

Here are some pictures from Halloween 2009. Please excuse the mess in the corner in Witches wardrobe #4


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How fun! You even found the perfect socks to go with those witch's boots! You really went all out and what a clever thing to do the witch's wardrobe.Smelly cat is hilarious, where on earth did you find that cat? It made me think of that song the blonde sang on an episode of Friends. LOL


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Oh How neat! The shelves and witch's wardrobe are really something! I like Poe and his cage too. That has to be the freakiest Halloween cat I've seen. LOL.

Hmmm...you have Poe, Lynn has Nevermore, and OA named my poor raven Alwaysmore. Methinks he must be their country bumpkin brother they don't crow about. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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What a fun display..
Is 'She' getting ready to Fly'..
or has she just come in from a night 'On The Town' ? lol
Love the wardrobe display.

By looking at those shelves...you've thought of everything
A Witch could want....and then some.


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Ahhhhhh, I would have been DONE FOR just meeting up with THAT CAT!!!! Owwwwwwwwwww....weezzzz! Looks like a the "Wicked Witch of the West lives there! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Nana, I love your Witch's book collection. I'm taking down the titles so I can "order" those same titles and create my spooky library.

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What happened to my post?! ... ok, this is my THIRD TRY! (I've been having trouble posting on this forum since I lost my iMac! :( What I've been trying to say is:

Wow! Those are WONDERFUL displays! very creative and unusual -- and you've thought of every detail... love the rat! and the cat!!! It's like out of a movie set. Wherever did you find such items?! Is there a giant caldron brewing something noxious in the center of the room?! lol!

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Thanks for all the great comments. Poe is such a loud mouth I have to keep his cage covered most of the time! Are Nevermore and Alwaysmore like that too? Smelly cat came from Big Lots last year. I bought the Witch hat and was going to hang it near the kitchen door, it didn't quite fit there so one thing led to another....Jane I think she just came in from a rough night on the town..you know how witches are LOL, OA I'm sure those titles are still in print as they are Classics!

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Yes, CC. I have ordered the whole set.

Alas! None are out in the Kindle version yet and I did so want to read Reverse the Curse. I understand that particular title makes the NYTimes bestseller list every October.

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That is a fun display! Very bewitching!

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Nana, this is a riot. Just loved seeing all of it.


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