Thermador 30' induction cooktop (CIT304E)- silver mirrored finish

lilyfreakMay 21, 2009

I would like to hear from anyone who has bought this unit, please. It looks great but does it work well? Any regrets in not having gone for the black finish or another brand? I have put a down payment on it but still have time to finalize my choices.


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There are a couple of 5 stars reviews on for the near-identical Bosch unit (Bosch/Siemens makes Thermador, if I recall correctly).

Here is a link that might be useful: similar model comparison

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Thanks, attofarad. I know that the Bosch black unit is good but the Thermador has a different finish and no stainless steel edging. It has beveled edging. It looks quite sharp and I got it at cost so no where near the price quoted or I would not even have considered it. I just want to know whether it is worth even the extra couple of hundred over the black finish with the stainless edging. Quite a few units have been sold where I live but I have yet to find anyone on this forum who has it.

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I have the 36 in my showroom and I love it... What is your concern? I doubt the sharp corners will cut you. It sounds like your getting a really-really good deal and I think your staring a gift horse in the mouth. This is not a scenario where you're being taken it's a scenario where the dealer is being taken. If you're still concerned, see what kind of deal they can give you on a 5 year extended warranty.

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My dealer is doing very well on all the other appliances I'm buying from him! I was offered this one at cost from another dealer because it had been used at a local home show. I went back to mine and he met the price for a new one. He had the option to refuse.

Yes, I'll take the extended warranty.

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lilyfreak, do you mind sharing where you're getting the cooktop at cost (and what is the cost?). Does your dealer only have 1 (like a floor model)? I remember you're in Canada and I'm buying the same one (based solely on appearance, as I've never tried using it). Would be nice to save some $ on it. Thanks.

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Hi Jl, I had gone to a local dealer who was selling a floor model he had on display at the Montreal home show. He quoted me a price which I then took to the dealer from whom I was buying all my other appliances. They agreed to give it to me at the same price (they told me it was cost, only they know) so as to keep the sale. I didn't expect them to match it but wanted to give them the chance. They needed proof (I had to give the signed quote from the local dealer to my main dealer) before they agreed to it. I got lucky, I'm getting a brand new one. The regular price here is about $2,800. If you are in Quebec, I can let you know from where I bought it because their regular price is lower than any I could find.

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Ach..! I'm so jealous of you... Good bargain hunting lilyfreak!

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Wow, that is a gorgeous cooktop! Congratulations on getting such a great bargain!

I found the controls on the black Thermador induction cooktop that I tried to be unwieldy, but your picture seems to show separate controls for each burner which completely solves that problem.

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Happy Birthday Lilyfreak!

Just think of it as your birthday gift from the Universe.

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The Thermador does not have separate controls for each burner. You need to select the burner and then select the power for it.
Lilyfreak, I'm not in Quebec, but we're getting the cooktop for about $2600 in Ontario. About 6 months ago, it was $200 cheaper, but I guess a combination of price increases for 2009 and weaker dollar pushed it up when we actually put a deposit in.

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Buyers beware. I purchased the Thermador 30" induction cooktop in March 2010 for $2,299 plus tax. The cooktop had problems from day one. The problems ranged from being only able to use one burner at a time to none of the burners working at all, and various error messages appearing each time. The service from Thermador was deplorable. Even though the repairman said that the problem was there from the beginning, Thermador refused to cover the labor because we just passed the one year warranty. It did not matter to them that family circumstances prevented us from being able to repair the cooktop sooner. The repairman got the burners to work, but now there are strange vibrating noises. On top of that, it took more than a dozen calls just to get the repairman to show up. Thermador could care less about their reputation. The repairman said that the cooktop has so many potential spots for error, and that these tops are extremely complicated. I suspect I will be replacing my cooktop in less than a year (because it doesn�t work), and I will definitely not go with Bosch/Thermador.

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Anyone else had a Thermador silver mirror finish?
Wondering how it holds up over time, how is it to keep clean compared to the black glass top?

Anyone else had the problems with theirs (over time) that mmorejon refers to here? I was about to order either Bosch or Thermador induction...but now nervous about it.

What brands of induction cooktops are reliable?

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I'm curious about recent use of Bosch Thermador Miele and GE induction cooktops, as I'm trying to choose one. I also intend to install a pop-up downdraft behind it (fortunately I can make the base cabinet deeper) and wonder if anyone has any recent experience with downdrafts? I've looked at both the Thermador and the Miele 30".

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