variable setting or very low setting for hood vent fans

carterkitchenMay 7, 2012

hello all,

I'm looking for a hood vent fan that has either a variable setting (dial type) for infinite settings between low and high or a fan with a 'very low' or 'quiet' setting.

Most of the cooking we do requires just a bit of air movement and it rarely needs a full pull of air. I have found that many of the 'better' fans are so powerful that the lowest setting is still pretty noisy. They compare poorly to the cheapy nutone fan I have over our current range - the lowest setting there is almost silent and provides just enough air movement to keep the steam and smells at bay without a hurricane noise.

My budget is about $1000 for the fan/hood/liner together so the Modern Aire type products do not qualify. Who else makes a fan with variable or 'very low' settings.



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I have a Miele hood. It is not variable, but the lowest setting is very quiet. My model cost more than your budget, but I don't know if they all do.

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It should be no problem to find a hood with a variable speed fan control.

Having said that, you can purchase fan speed controls at most hardware or big box stores - for somewhere around $25.

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That is a good point about the fan controls. it bothers me that a bit of sheet metal and an electric motor and squirrel fan can cost upwards of $1000 - these units are very basic - , most of the components could probably be had from RadioShack for less than $100. However, I'm DIY most of the kitchen...I really hoped the fan/vent hood would be something that could be reasonably purchased. - Kitchen renos are starting to feel like weddings - normally priced items that become associated with one or the other suddenly become very expensive! :-)

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Check out for their prices on cleaned up used parts squirrel cages and motors. Comes with a 365 day return part policy too. Quite an education. You have to have the older, reusable exterior jack of course. Food for thought: why is re-cycling limited mainly to glass, cans, paper, plastic etc?

Here is a link that might be useful: Helpful link:

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Kobe makes hoods that have very quiet low settings. I personally would go for one of the models that have old fashioned knobs (actually their newer models) rather than touch control switches.

I ended up getting a Broan hood and a roof mounted blower for a total of about $1k. Variable speed control, but I haven't installed it yet so don't know how low it will go. I spent another $162 on an duct silencer, about $130 on other duct/damper.

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