Apple Table

kathleen_liSeptember 25, 2010

2010 version of the Apple dishes.

I was having trouble with the light!

Here is a link that might be useful: 2010 Apple table

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Those apple dishes are as great looking as ever. I really like the use of the wicker chargers. Even if you weren't trying to tie them in with the centerpiece, they'd still look great.

Also like the use of the sprig of red things (scatters?).
Black napkins are a good accent color.

Where'd you find the apple cores? (NO. Wait. Don't tell me!) I think they add a cute touch of whimsy.

It's interesting to see last year's table. You really turned it up a couple of notches, don't you thing?

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Another fantastic Kathleen Creation! I ran out of words long, long ago for your table decor. And your food, LOL.
I have to say that those little apple cores are one of the cutest things I've seen! I love whimsy, and there's a guaranteed smile with those.

hugs, Karen

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What a fun table. Since my kitchen is apples all year, I really appreciate this. I also love the little apple cores as knife rests!!


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Lovely any light!
Your dishes have become a 'Fall Tradition' here, and
I enjoying seeing how different they look each year
with all the new accessories.
Love the little knife rests.


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Kathleen, love your cute wicker chair centerpiece with the apples, and those little apple cores are darling. Good idea using the wicker chargers to tie in with the centerpiece. I always love your tables, and that chicken looks so good! Thanks for sharing how you made the sauce, my DH would probably like that too.


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Kathleen, another beautiful table. I love your dishes and all the apple accents on these tables. What a great centerpiece with the wicker chair arrangement. Did you use fresh mums and apples?


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Kathleen...I am always so impressed with how you "layer" so many things...the t'cloth with the burgandy on top...& the charger + the wicker mats ...along with the dishes...looks very beautiful! And the wicker rocker makes a great pc for the apples & mums...cute! Like how you've pulled out the colors with black napkins, green goblets. Love this "apple" Fall-ish table! Jeanne S.

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Thank you, Ladies.
Punk, the apples were real, my mums aren't in bloom yet.

OA, the last years table had to have food on it, so I don't put as much "stuff". I had been meaning to use that wicker chair, but IRL it would be too high for a centerpiece.

Candy, I think I have to do another apple table! I have some WSonoma apple plates as well as Pfaltzgraff apple plates that have been gifted to me. Plus, I do love apples!

Jane, you know those little apples were from CTS. I don't want to tell OA cause she gets very upset! :)

Luvs, I had so cider that was going to go soon, so I used it. It was tasty!

Jeanne, I have to use this stuff I have collected or lose it. DH is a big get rid of it person!

Karen, you are never at a loss for words or winning bids on ebay!
Thanks again, you are all so sweet to comment.

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Kathleen, your tables are just lovely, Those little apple cores are perfect, I won't tell OA! I love how
you can change the look of the dishes by using different accsesories.

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Just seeing this lovely setting has me craving apple pie. Your apple tables are like the kick off to fall. Don't let DH make you part with one single item. Thanks for sharing.

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I've held off looking at this latest table of yours, Kathleen . . . until it was time for lunch! I knew you'd probably be showing delicious looking food with your pretty new tablescape, and I was right! And, once again, you've succeeded in making me very hungry. The table is lovely and I especially like the added ambiance that the woven chargers add. All the rest of your special touches are wonderful, too. OK, I'm off to make some lunch ;^D

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Thanks Lynn, Nana and Frou!
Lynn, I enjoy the cooking as much as the setting.

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