brand new shower handle is leaking

supaflyzJune 14, 2014

Hello guys, I'm new to the bathroom forum. I have been an active member in the plants forum. I have a question to ask regarding a new shower handle leaking. It only leaks when the water is turning on when I take a shower.
A brief story. The house is around 11 years old. The shower has leak before when everything was turn off. I got tired of it so I decided to change it to a standing shower. I bought a Delta shower head and handles from home depot.
Everything was done today. I took a shower when I went home and the handle was leaking when the water is turn on. It doesn't leak anymore when the water is turn off.

It is a brand new shower faucet. The guy that did the shower for me don't know what is the problem either.

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From what part of the shower is the leak coming?

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From the actual handle. I notice it doesn't leak when I'm not using the shower head. When I pull the lever up to take the shower it starts to leak. Just turning the water on it doesn't leak. It leak a lot at first and then after a few minutes its only a few drops.
Should I return this faucet to get a new one?

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Any help guys?

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Contact the manufacturer, but it sounds like a bad seal of some kind.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Is this a bathtub where you are pulling the handle to move the water from filling the bath tub to the shower?

I've seen that a lot in hotel showers.

Otherwise, if it is a dedicated shower control, YES, take it back and complain.


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You say you bought the shower head and handles, but you didn't mention the valve. Did that get replaced? Do you have access to the plumbing behind the wall?

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Ok I got it fix. I return that one and got a new one exact same model. The water didn't leak anymore. He told me there was something wrong with the valve.

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try some clear silicon to prevent the leak.

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