Curbless shower, frameless shower sliding door

lalitharJune 10, 2012

Is this even possible? Our shower is 6ft x 44in. Kerdiboard on all 3 sides. The entire bath floor will be hot mopped. The drain in the Curbless shower is in the side that will have the fixed glass. I prefer a sliding glass door as that will make the access to the towel rod on the wall easier and I really want to avoid tracks on the floor (the whole reason we went with Curbless shower. I would love to see some pictures if you have seen something like this

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Of course you can do this. Google John Whipple Vancouver, he's a very knowledgeable Canadian contractor who builds lots of curbless showers. He's the internet go-to resource for what you're describing. He has a blog and his own website, also lots of photos on Houzz.

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Now that I think about it some more, you must at least have a bar across the top of a sliding door.

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If you use a trench drain, hot mopping cannot be used for waterproofing. Instead, you will need to use either a Kerdi like or a painted on membrane.

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Yes, it is possible. here is one called hydroslide. we have one over a tub but that was not its intended use.

Here is a link that might be useful: hydroslide

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Thanks or the ideas.

Davidtay - we are not using a trench drain. We are using standard drain by ebbe.

Dianne47- I don't mind the top bar.. Just don't want to deal with the bottom track cleaning.

Pharaoh - I looked at the hydro slide link and it looks like there is a track in the bottom.. Or maybe I am not understanding how it is installed.

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There is no track at the bottom.

The fixed panel can be installed with clamps or channel.

The moving panel has a small metal bump to keep the water in. We replaced it with a clear plastic piece. I think it can be eliminated depending on your installation and experience once the door is installed.

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I hear you on wanting the trackless bottom, those sliding shower door tracks are a royal pain. Good luck on your search.

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