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creativeangelSeptember 17, 2010

As I read maximavswife's post about the bins and stash she has in her basement, I thought of the email I sent to someone I recently met. We have been emailing bits of info about ourselves to each other.

This was my latest to him:

Dear xxxxx,

In being as open and honest as possible with you, I feel I need to make a confession to you before our friendship goes any further. It is something I have tried to fight for years without much success. Most of my friends and family are aware and they have just learned to accept it. Some have actually become enablers. I will sink to the lowest levels to fulfill this. I will go into areas most others try to avoid.

I am a dish-a-holic. :~) I absolutely love dishes!! I search for them at flea markets, estate sales, yard sales, resale shops, ebay...anywhere...except retail. I have several patterns that I've collected for years and others I have just for fun. I don't just let the dishes collect dust. I use them all at some point. I love to make 'tablescapes.'

I feel mealtime is more than just food. It's a wonderful time to share life...ups, downs, joys, disappointments, goals... With life being so hectic, I try to make mealtime special and setting the table to be fun, festive, romantic, etc. puts a special touch.

LOL I felt you all could all relate.

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Hi ca...
Welcome back...
Wow...I hope you didn't scare him off, and that
you've still remained friends! lol
You fit right at home here for sure..
I have to admit... I can totally relate to 'your passion' for dishes and how you go about collecting them.
It's nice to know you use them and get enjoyment from them as well.
I have a problem remembering all that I have because storage becomes an issue. I envy those here who have special 'Dish Closets' and can see them all at a glance..
ahhh that does make this passion so much easier and enjoyable...but then again there are many of us here that stick to bins in the basement and several china cabinets.

My friends and family, are into 'clothes'.. I'm the 'odd ball' looking for dishes! Been at it as long as I can remember..
In fact tomorrow...I'm off for 'The Ultimate Garage Sale'...it's an annual event in Upstate NY...
I feel like tonight is 'Christmas Eve' ...lol
So, come on and share your collections with us...
You know we love pictures...
LOTS of pictures...and you know us as >
'Enablers R Us' and 'The More, The Merrier' !!

By the way, I like your thoughts on mealtime and it being more than just food...so true.


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Loved your post...I figure that last paragraph might have him proposing. LOL.

Thanks for sharing with us, it was a great post.
hugs, Karen

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Yes, if you have him thinking that you also put FOOD on all those pretty dishes, he will have no problem with your "addiction" I'm sure. You know the old saying "the way to a MAN'S heart is through his stomach". LOL

I agree, break out your camera and come share some pics of your pretty tables with us--we love pics!


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You are the smart one, my poor husband didn't know about the.........ahem..............dishes, until I started cramming them all into his kitchen cabinets AFTER we got married :^)
He nor his cabinets will ever be the same ;^)
Great post!

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I couldn't agree more with your comment:

"I feel mealtime is more than just food. It's a wonderful time to share life...ups, downs, joys, disappointments, goals... With life being so hectic, I try to make mealtime special and setting the table to be fun, festive, romantic, etc. puts a special touch. "

Bravo! Bringing friends/family together around the table is such a huge part of what makes for good conversation and good connections to those we love. Actually setting a table and making a meal is almost a lost art in many circles these days. I think it's rather sad that more people don't "get it" like you do. It's not what you serve, or what you serve it on...although both can enhance a dining experience...it's the gathering of people, the social connection that we all need and want.

You're very funny! Hey, what not come clean early on in a relationship, right?

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Thanks for your sweet comments.

I also allow NO television to be on.
At times I will play soft music in the background...NO words...just music.

Again, thanks for your comments.

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Clever girl to "confess" up front.
I love the sentiment about meal time.
Around here it is just DH and myself and we usually are parked in front of the TV eating off of trays. DH is not someone who cares about food very much and mealtime is whenever he is not doing something else he considers more important. Sometimes we are eating dinner at 9PM :(

I would prefer a more routine schedule, but we have been married 10 1/2 yrs now and I don't think I am going to change him, LOL

When we entertain, that is a different story. I love to host big holiday dinners, and that is when the dining room actually gets put to use.

BTW, I have just started this dish collecting since I found this forum, and Enablers R Us have "encouraged" my new addiction, LOL
So,I totally understand what you are talking about.

Thanks for the story,

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Next month will be my 40th anniversary, and I don't think my DH could eat without the TV on. LOL. Tho when we were younger and the kids at home, we did sit down to proper dinners. He's like Candy's DH, doesn't really care about food and just wants plain, simple meals. And wouldn't even notice if it was on fine china or a paper plate. LOL.
Makes my life easy, so I'm not complaining.

hugs, Karen

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We're TV watchers too. When I set the little pullout table or we're outside during the summer there's no TV. But more often than not, we're at the bar watching a game or some HBO series he bought at COSTCO because we don't subscribe to the service. And when those two options aren't available, it's Jeopardy. Hmmmm. Not so proud of it, but that's the way it is.

Glad you're here, CA. We welcome others who share our addiction. We justify our problem by saying, "See, she does it too!"

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Welcome and what a great letter. I'm an upfront person and I think you've laid it out perfectly. Made me smile while reading it.

We generally eat at our bar area but if not DH's in the recliner and I'm here on the puter.


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