Nebgranny98December 2, 2002

Does anyone have the Krylon Laminator?

I just bought one and when I put the paper through it has about 6 inches of laminate come out before it starts to laminate the item. This is such a waste!! Do I need to set something to stop this. This is the hand wind cold laminator. I just purchased it at Wal-Mart Thanks


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Try this site....

Under the product tips section, there is a place to email questions.

If this is not the one you have , maybe try and see if there is another "Brand" mark on the product and see if they have a site you can ask quetions.


Here is a link that might be useful: EZLaminator

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Thank you Sneekersmom..that is the system..will e-mail them tomorrow ...Nebgranny98

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Glad to be of help!!!


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Hi to another Gram, I have the EZ Laminator and have only used it twice before and also lamented how much waste there was. Last evening, I wanted to laminate just two little circles of pictures so I shoved them in as far as I could by hand, toward the roller. Voila, it only wasted about 2" rather than 6. So try inserting whatever you want to laminate in as far as possible. The refil cartridges are frightfully expensive.

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I also have the EZ Laminator and my biggest complaint is NOTHING will stick to the laminate! I've tried all sorts of tapes and glues and can't find anything to stick. I'm in the middle of making some cute pop-up boxes but I'm having to staple them because I can't get anything to stick. Anyone have any ideas what might work?

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try using QuickTite glue. It's like super glue, but you can get it in gel form, and it seems to work well on laminate. I got the idea from Summer on this group. You can purchase QuickTite at Walmart.
~Hugs, Chatty Kathy, NH~

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Thanks! I'll try it!

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That pink double sided tape that they sell in the craft/stamping areas will work. Beads will stick to it. You can get it in different widths and even a fat width (about an inch)

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Sharla, When I was making the laminate pins, I had the same problem with the pin back not sticking to the laminate. For those, I just used the single sided laminate cartridge, so the front of the pin was covered and the back was not. I'm not sure if this would work with your boxes.Bonnie

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Hey Kathy,

I didn't know you visited here. Nice to see you.

Yes, I use a glue called "QuickTite". It's in the hardware section of most stores that carry glue and is next to the superglue. It's in a similar container as super glue too, except you can buy this in a brush-on also. What I do when the brush doesn't reach the glue anymore, is shake it with the cap on tight so it will soak the brush. However, this is the glue I use on double sided laminate. Most people rouch up their laminate where the glued areas are going to be with a lightweight sandpaper before putting the glue on so the glue has something to grab. But I found that even after doing that, the other glues I tried don't work. The glue I use is the only one that works for me. But it may be because I have to laminate both sides because I have a thin laminate.

When I had a thicker laminate, I only had to laminate one side. So I roughed up the areas to be glued and my "Aleene's quick dry tacky glue" worked perfect. Others use Scotch glue permanent stick I think. But my Aleene's worked great for the job, but just for the one sided laminate. I still use that glue for un-laminated things however.

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Hi Summer...where have you been??? I haven't seen you since Duster's board! Glad you're back!

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Hi Tiger,

Thanks! I belong to a Yahoo computer craft group so am busy with that. You get the group messages in your email and can send in your projects through attaching.

~Summer °ü°

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