Looking for printable photo ornament

sristonDecember 21, 2002

Last year, I made a photo ornament that I printed out at HP. This year, I wanted to do another one for my grandson but I could not find one at the HP site. The one last year was real simple- you printed out the front and back, cut them out and put the photo you wanted in between them. Then you covered it with clear contact paper. I am looking for something on the same order. Does anyone know where I can locate such? Thanks.


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Hi Susan, I found these at HP (direct link at the bottom "Here is a link that might be useful:"). They were under Holiday Ornaments, not under Christmas Ornaments. Go figure!

I finally discovered the Directories at HP. Makes it easier to find things, but the Directories themselves are hard to find.

Holiday & Events Directory

Cards & Stationery Directory

Home & Family Directory

Photo Fun & Crafts Directory

Sports & Hobbies Directory

Work at Home Directory

I think that's all of them. They list ALL the projects in one place. And some projects appear in more than one directory. Much more helpful than trying to hunt through that site.


Here is a link that might be useful: Holiday Ornaments

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Thanks for the links---that sure makes it easier to find anything on the HP site-- I hadn't found the directories.

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Thanks for the links- the directories are hard to locate. HP has changed up their site since my last visit (which has been a while). These are the same ornaments that I made last year and I didn't want ones for this year that were identical. Any other links or suggestions for a printable photo ornament?

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