I didn't need any more Halloween decor, but...

christmascandySeptember 17, 2013

So I found some cute things for Halloween that I just couldn't pass up.

The witch was $6.99.
The prim figure was by Gathered Traditions. She came with a card saying her name is Pauline. She was $2.55 w/discount.
The crow was .20c.

The music box was $5.19. I don't recognize the tune, but it is appropriately spooky.

The "I Scream Parlor" tealight holder was $2.99.

Finally, a teacup holder that is not Halloween, but something I have been looking for at a reasonable price. I have seen them in antique malls, but they were pricey there so to find this one for $2.99 had me doing the happy dance.

I started my fall decorating yesterday, but will wait until Oct. 1 to put out the Halloween decor.


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I think you needed more!!!LOL Love the girls and crow. BTW, what a deal on your Gathered Traditions doll! Tea light holder and halloween box will both be delightful with your Halloween decor.

So happy you also found a teacup holder. This will be a fun to show offs your special cups. Unique design on it.

I need to start fall decorating but for some reason I'm just not excited to get started this year. Maybe I need to see more inspiration to get me movin'. I loved seeing Janes twig tree all lit up with the pumpkins.


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Jackpot !! Again!! You always hit the jackpot thrifting! I am glad you found the teacup holder, that is really neat and I bet you'll do a LOT of decorating with it.
Lots of cute Halloween decorations, tho you could just come shop mine since they've been stored for 2 yrs. :o)
However I couldn't let you touch my witches or crows. LOL.
I'd have bought that little witch you found in a heartbeat.
I don't like scary, ugly witches but I am nuts about ones like this. She's adorable!!

I just got my 2 big bins of Fall decor out of storage shed into garage to start work on. I am actually excited now about decorating with it. (Halloween still "iffy").

Punk, I'll do another post in a few minutes and if you don't get inspiration or interest, I'm going to have to have a heart-to-heart discussion with you!!! :o)

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Cool finds! It is always fun to find bargains :)


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Candy you found some nice buys again!
Cute Halloween things...Love that Witch too!
After reading what Karen
wrote...I'd be jumping in for a 'showdown'...if all three of us
found her at the same time! Shes wonderful and looks like a nice size too.
Glad you found your teacup holder...makes you feel so
good when you Finally find something that you've been wanting for awhile...good for you!
Karen...if you're reading this...I'm so happy you're excited
about doing your Fall decorating...I'm excited for you...
it's been too Long!!


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"Witch causes catfight in aisle #__" LOL
Maybe it is a good thing we can't go thrifting together.

Thanks Jane. After spending too long in a HOT garage
sorting what I wanted out of those bins, I ran out of steam this afternoon and didn't actually get much done.
Maybe later tonight I'll get motivated, after I sit awhile.
Now if you and Candy would just come help....
or if Candy would share some of her energy......

hugs, K

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LOL..Karen...I'm picturing it now>>
'"Witch causes catfight in aisle #__"
Yep..that would be the case.

As far as Candy & I coming over to help...that would be a problem too...I'd probably bring my very large TOTE...and somehow your things would mysteriously find their way into it!!
But..I agree, Candy's energy certainly would help - ...along with Punk's!! lol

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LOL,"Witch causes catfight in aisle #__"

I think the members of this forum are kindred spirits and we do like the same things!! Soooo, maybe we couldn't go shopping together, but it sure would be fun to decorate together!!
We could spend a day at each others houses and laugh and talk, and put our decorations out and then move on to the next house. Wouldn't that be fun!!!!

I don't care for the gory, gruesome, gross Halloween décor, but I do enjoy the cute witches, spiders, ghosts, and Jack O'Lanterns. No dripping blood, skulls, skeletons, or tombstones for me (well, I did put some little skulls in one of my potion jars, but that was it!!!)

Karen, I hope you found your energy! A hot garage, wow.

It was only 65 here today and I played golf in a Girls Night Out event and it was downright chilly!! It didn't start until 5:00 and by then it was in the 50's. I was not dressed warmly enough since I was wearing an outfit I wore to work, so it was a long evening, plus most of the women are not really into golf and they stand around and discuss every shot and take forever. I was playing with some friends who are tennis players and only took up golf a few years ago, so they analyze every shot. I don't think I'll be doing that again.

I'm looking forward to seeing your posts when you get your décor up!!

Punk, I have a couple of other teacup holders, but they weren't really what I wanted. This was it, so I'm thrilled.

SD, thanks. I think that is why I enjoy thrift stores so much. The adrenalin rush when I find a great score!!
One of my best finds was a Louis Vuitton purse in a GdWl outside a very ritzy part of town. It looked like it might have been used once and when I got home, I found the exact same purse on Ebay for $650!!! I paid $39.99!!

Jane, the new witch will be joining another cute one I found last year. The only thing wrong with the new one was she was missing a couple of rhinestones on her shoes.

Thanks ladies,

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Whoopee! More Halloween goodies ... we love your decor, candy girl! Have fun!

LOL, Holday-ers @ "Witch causes catfight in aisle #__"
I'd just stand by & take photos! ;-) ~~hugs, Jeanne S.

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Love your new stuff, it seems we never have enough!
I wonder if Pauline will fly by to meet up with those mischief makers the 13 witches...I'll be on the lookout

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