Between Summer & Fall Tablescape!

yachter123September 2, 2010

After dismantling my summer tablescape (finally) I wasn't ready for fall, so this is what I came up with. I usually do my roosters at this time, but have been slowly collecting for this one at garage sales. Still need more chef things but this is what I have so far.

Thought I'd get these uploaded & posted before I get busy again & not have time, so here goes!

Everything you see, (except the cloches) is from garage sales.

The placemats were brand new with tags, ten cents each, the napkins, new with Home Goods tags on them, 6 for $1.00, the fake bread not sure, bought long time ago, the grapes .25 each, the chef was $3.00 and the chef tile pictures were $2.00 each. The wine candle on the counter was new & $1.00. The fake cheese was .50 & new also.

The little chef guy on the counter is from a set of three, I paid $10 for all 3 at a garage sale, but didn't see where I would fit the other two in, so they are on my bakers rack in the corner!

And I even found my little chicken chef to decorate the empty corner left of my sink area.

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Wow, we were posting at the same time, Yachter! Love your new decs, but what happened to "my" Summer drink??? You found great bargains with the napkins, placemats, etc. I need to start going to more yard sales! The waiter under the cloche is priceless . . . what a great idea for a centerpiece! Love the sunflowers int he striped pitcher/pot, too . . . very almost-Autumny.

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HA HA HA, yes we were posting at the same time, guess we had the same idea, get it posted now or we may forget about it or not have time.

Ooops, I think I took your summer drinks away, sorry, but they'll be back next year! LOL

Michigan isn't far from us, we've spent some time up there in the Saugatuck area, many great artists up there & quaint shops in converted old homes. Love that area too!

You're a long way from home!!!

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Très parsian, Mme Yachter.
Et quel est le nom de votre café de trottoir?

I love it. You can send the garçons and the red polka dot serviettes over to my house just as soon as you're finished with them.

P.S. Obviously, I don't really speak French.

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Since I love Roosters, that darling Chef one caught my attention fast. But you got a lot of neat things (NEW!) at yard sales. WOW. My favorite is those Chef tiles, they are totally adorable.

When it cools off here, I really should get brave and try to go some yard sales. Looks like unwanted gifts end up there, LOL. I had a mental picture of the 'giver' going to a sale and buying their gift back!

hugs, Karen

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yachter...those chef tiles & chefs are just so darn cute! I love how you create a vignette on your countertop to go with your t'scape! And the wine candle adds another dimension to the whole thing. Love the cloche centerpc & the red/white napkins...with same in lined basket & fruit to fill it. Looks like a fun t'scape! TFS! Good to see ya again! Jeanne S.

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Wow..lots of 'Old-New' finds at nice prices too.
I love your centerpiece cloche with the waiter and the french breads. He's such a great focal point on your table.
Your countertop vignettes are cute especially your Checken Chef...and I'm eyeing that metal rooster vase..very nice
and very French...


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How fun! Only one thing missing--where are the dishes????? Love your chefs, and how wonderful that you found a faux cheese too. The chicken chef is my favorite, but everything is wonderful and such great bargains too. Luvs

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Luvs, my grandson has a music studio in my basement, even has a friends drum set there too, so I cannot get to the dishes!!!

I may try again, but don't want to fall thru a drum getting them down. I do have a beautiful set of black & white square dishes that I should have put on the table, but like I said, when the teens take over your basement, I'm lucky they leave me my shelves (so far!!!)!! LOL

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I love that chef cloche! It is adorable!

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The chef rooster is so cute!!! You did GREAT! and it is wonderful to see you posting!

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Yachter, it's all looking great. I love the chef on the counter that looks like he's a little show off. You put this together nicely. I'd like to see his partners on the baking rack, if they are as cute as he is.

Love seeing the chef under the cloche with the bread too. The chicken chef and sunflower watering can are so cute. I like the red napkins with gingham trim. What a great buy on these and everything else. Hope you can get to your black an white dishes to add to this at some point.


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Everything is too dang cute, but it sounds like your black and white dishes would be the icing on the cake, so to speak.
Great bargains on everything, but I wanna see the bakers rack too please!! You know once you put a tease out like that, the rest of us are going to beg to see it!! LOL


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