Pot-size Recognition in Induction Cooktops

smallkitchenMay 27, 2009

I had almost decided to buy Diva's 30-inch induction cooktop. Then I noticed that pot-size recognition is not listed among the features of the 30-inch model. Their 36-inch model has the "multi-crown" large burner that recognizes the size of the pot and adjusts the cooking field from 4" to 11". Bosch's induction cooktop has the pot-size recognition feature on all its burners. Miele's information is somewhat confusing: the website states that the model has "automatic cookware recognition" which is defined as (among other things) "The size of the pan is recognized, and heat is only generated where the pan is detected, saving energy and time". Says nothing about whether the cooking field adjusts to the size of the pot. The induction site lists pan-size recognition as a feature of the Miele model.

Diva or Miele were my first choices, but now I am thinking I would have to go with the Bosch as this seems to be an important feature. To the Diva or Miele users on this forum: how does your cooktop work if you place a smaller pot on the larger elements of your cooktop? Does the entire element heat up, or does it adjust to the size of the pot?

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The thing about induction is that the element doesn't heat up at all, just the pan.

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So, putting a smaller pan on the larger element will heat up the pan, regardless of whether the cooktop has pot-size recognition? I wonder why this feature is listed for some models and not the others.

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I have a GE 30" induction cooktop. On the GE there are certain minimum size requirements for each element. For example, the largest element (which I believe is 11") requires a minimum 7" diameter pan size. The size of your pan can be larger, but in order for the element to sense the pan, it needs to be at least 7". HTH!

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What you quoted from the Miele manual is size recognition. Only the part of the burner covered by the pan will activate. Each burner has little lines that show the smallest size pans that will work on that particular burner. The first day our cooktop was installed I amazed my daughter by placing an ice cube on the burner next to a boiling pot of water. She expected the ice cube to sizzle and melt but it didn't.

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Fori is not pleased

I'm pretty sure they all have pan size recognition. Without it, induction wouldn't work. Whether or not they bother to mention it is another matter. Mine is over 20 years old and the manual doesn't mention anything like that but of course it's there.

I should mention that on my old cooktop, my 5" cast iron skillet is recognized on all burners, but my 5" triply only on the "special" burner. And they all recognize anything bigger (although I've only gone up to 15").

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