PrintShop and Print Master

stevec50December 23, 2002

Does anyone know the big difference between these two programs? I've got 'PrintShop 12' and 'Click Art 250,000'.

Thanks, Steve C.

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Hi Steve...I've got a few versions of both programs. The old PrintMaster is very different from PrintShop...but I found with the newer versions of both, they have a very similar interface! My fav is still PS6...old habits die hard...LOL!

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I have used PrintMaster for about 6 years and I love it! It is simple to use, loaded with graphics, and of course, offers upgrades when available. A while back Zippimom gave us a neat site where PrintMaster Express can be downloaded for free. (All you have to do is register, which is also free.) I haven't downloaded this so I do not know how it compares to the PrintMaster Platinum 10 that I am using, but it might give you some idea of the quality of the software.

Here is a link that might be useful: PrintMaster Express Free Download

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I recently purchased the Print Shop 12 through Broaderbund and asked them what the difference was. I've used Printmaster since it was a DOS program and I also have an early version of Print Shop. They said that Print Shop was made for businesses and PrintMaster was made for home use. I always liked the graphics much better on Printmaster in the past but I think they are pretty much on even keel now.

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