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phonegirlSeptember 4, 2013

Thought I would share a simple setting out on our deck with our twin wicker set to Candy.
We picked up our set this summer and power washed it back to new looking. I'm sure come
spring it will need power washed again with all the dust.

I'm planning on setting it up with my turquoise setting. I will have to check out and see what
I have for round tc. Might be a good reason to go out and do more ys huh?

All of you might wish I would get lost again at this rate. I've missed not having the time to be
here and so I'm going to make up for lost time.LOL

I used DM's chip and dip set for the cp. I only have four of these glasses but they are nice
and heavy. DD bought the daisy hot pink place mats for me.

I set the leaft plates for salad plates. I think I've shared these before.

My Candy shot. How'd I do w/o my counter to stand on?haha

It feels great to be back posting. Thanks for looking.


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Oh wow, punk! White wicker ... so chic ...I always love seeing Candy's t'scapes on her porch area~

This is drop dead GORGEOUS, of course, those hot pink daisy placemats seal the deal, girl! & the flowered plates & two-tone napkins! Love it!

Wow, using your Mom's chip & dip set is 'perfection' ...now you just need some liquid in there & a floating daisy or two! LOL! Love the glassware,t oo!

Oh, I'm glad you back! Never can overload on the Holiday Forum! SWEET! Jeanne S.

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So pretty!! I LOVE the hot pink placemats!
I know you will love your wicker set!
The candyshot looks great, nice job!

I always have a tablecloth on mine as I cracked the glass of the original top and covered it with a thinner piece of glass, so the crack would show if I didn't use a cloth.

Glad to see you posting.


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Punk I agree Candy's Sunroom wicker settings are always great and this one of yours ....like Jeanne said-is gorgeous! Such a striking combo with the hot pinks and those floral plates....SWEET!!
Your DD always finds you such pretty things ...love the placemats!
And love that you added your DM's chip n dip as a CP.
So happy u r back...it's always fun to see what you do ea time.
Keep em coming..

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WOW, Punk....you are BACK with the great eye-candy!!
I have really missed your tablesettings. This one is lovely and I 'second' what the other gals said about it in better detail than I can right now (5 am and STILL up, LOL)

I'll have to take a pix of my new china cabinet for you....you've always found such neat ones and made me suitably jealous of each and every one. Mine is small, but I fell in love with it at the antique mall and it had to come home with me. Fit perfect in my mini van.
DH didn't even bat an eye at helping get it inside, or ask where I'd put it. LOL. Like you, there is always a place for something we want, huh?!

BTW, your wicker set is lovely!
hugs, Karen

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Thanks everyone for all the sweet comments! Guess I should of been posting when I set this ts cuz I love the thought of floating daisies, Jeanne. That would of been the icing on the cake. You always have wonderful ideas.

Candy what a bummer you had to replace your glass. I was cleaning ours and it rolled into one of the cracks on our redwood deck and I thought it was a gonner. Thankfully I was able to keep it held upright w/o breaking it. You always have beautiful tc to cover your tables tho.

Jane, your so right about DD buying me nice things. I love these hot pink placemats. I try to return the favors to her. Just bought her a Casa Mollino Poster Bedroom Set yesterday. Was feeling bad I forgot their anniversary in Aug. My life was a total whirlwind right then. There really is no excuse but thats what happened. There was only time for two colors in my world at that time - black or white.haha

Karen, you sure do need to show us your new china cabinet! I love it that you bought one that you couldn't live w/o, found room for it and DH helped bring it in!!!woohoo All these cabinets are nice but I sure wish they kept the dust out.LOL

Thanks again ladies. Punk

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Punk, that's gorgeous! Great wicker set too!

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Great table setting! Everything coordinates well! Nice wicker set too :)


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Marlene Kindred

Looking good Punk! Love the hot pink that you used!

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Ditto what everyone else said, Punk.
I love your table setting and the wicker set is great. I love how you matched the chair pads to the table. LOL

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PM, thanks and glad you like it.

SD, thanks and so glad your one of the Holidayers!

Marlene, how are you doing by now? Thanks for the comments.

Nana, those chair cushions really did match the setting. I won't be able to do that every time!

Thanks so much ladies for stopping in to take a look and your sweet comments. I'm so excited our forum is rockin' & rollin' again.


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