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arghJune 12, 2014

For those that use a squeegee on your shower glass doors, which one do you use and where did you purchase it?

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Just a plastic one from either one of the dollar stores or Wegmans. Just find one that looks relatively nice. Mine has blue trim to match my tile.

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I use a Cleret 12" iDO 2 Shower Squeegee with Dual Edge . I bought mine at the Container Store several years ago (I'm not sure if they still carry it) but it is also available at Amazon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cleret Squeegee

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We also use the same Cleret squeegee as anna_k. We used cheap squeegees for years and when we finally splurged on the Cleret we were amazed at how much better it cleared the glass. You get what you pay for!

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DO NOT use a black rubber squeegee as you will get black streaks.

Do use any of the clear plastic, white rubber, or nylon squeegees

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The rubber squeegees will really clean the glass. I got mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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The key to a clean shower is to DRY the walls, floor, and glass with a towel after you squeegee them. Then you will never get mold or soap scum build up. I never have to scrub or use harsh cleaners. Just keep it dry!

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I use an OXO squeegee. It has black rubber and it does not leave black marks.

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In my two tile showers I used to only squeegee the glass doors, never the tiles themselves.

Now that I have a remodeled shower with nice new white tiles, I will squeegee the tile and dry its little bottom with a towel. Nothing too good for my new baby. And since I don't have a glass shower door anymore, it won't be twice the work.

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I am using a 12" Flexible Double Blade Squeegee that I bought for $6.49 CAD at Princess Auto. I am sure it would be even cheaper in the States. (Everything is).

I balked at spending ~$25 or more for a squeegee, but as I have a large expanse of glass and I also want to keep my new tiles looking purdy I was looking for a larger blade. My sister suggested an auto parts store. They will carry flexible squeegees.

Love it so far. Am not crazy about the blue, but in this case FORM definitely follows FUNCTION!

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We have large glass enclosures in two bathrooms, I really like the 17.5 inches wide squeegee from Home Depot. It saves much cleaning time than using the 12 inches wide squeegee from Container Store.

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So a related question - towel? Really? What towel do you use? I mean, my bath towel is around my hair after I get out of the shower, and by the time I've done the moisturizer thing and so on, I really don't want to have to get back into the shower to wipe down the walls with a towel and get my towel sopping wet. If you use a separate towel (my instinct would be only to use a ratty old towel to try the tile anyway - not my pristine white bath towels) - do you have an extra bar to hang it on? Do I really want a ratty tile-drying towel hanging in my bathroom all the time? Anyone besides me NOT dry off the tiles? Does a good enough exhaust fan make this a moot point?

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I buy the cheapest one I can find and only squeegee the flat surfaces. Then I wipe it down with a towel, all takes less than 2 minutes and I never have to clean the shower. I also have started using the hose to rinse the soap off the walls and shower curtain.

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I just bought the Cleret 12" iDO 2 Shower Squeegee with Dual Edge, based on anna's recommendation. I haven't used it yet.

I have never squeegee'd shower tile, so this will be a special favor to my new tile. I'm with vvesper on the logistics of toweling down the tile. My towel is on my head. I would have to return to the tub/shower area to dry it off. I have no place for a ratty tile.

I suppose initially I will be all worry-worry with my new tile and will baby it to death. Then I'll relax and leave it to the squeegee.

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DH and I use a squeegee on all tile walls and floor following shower. Then, we take a washcloth and using one foot 'mop up' the remaining water from the floor. Wring out wash cloth into the shower drain. The washcloth remains in the shower hanging from the long vertical bar which holds the hand held shower head until dry.

As a person with a compromised immune system, mold is best avoided. Many would argue that statement is true for all. We also take other precautions but won't derail your question.

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Babka NorCal 9b

I just spray a product called Clean Shower on the walls and glass. I have patterned (bamboo) glass so I don't see the film it leaves. That film washes off after the next shower. I haven't had to clean my shower in a YEAR even tho we have hard water. You cannot use it on natural stone, which is why I picked porcelain for my shower.

We have a wonderful quiet Panasonic shower fan that pulls out all the moisture and the place is dry in a couple hours.

Living in northern CA. YMMV.


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If you opted for Diamon-Fusion coating on your shower glass, don't use a squeegee of any kind. It will abrade the coating and void your warranty.
Simply follow the instructions that came with the Diamon-Fusion care & maintenance pack (which your glass supplier should have provided).

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I use the one like Raehelen posted. It does a great job and has a nice flex to it. Then I wipe any access water off with my towel,

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