What causes fine black lines across paper?

DrynDustyDecember 29, 2007

I'm using an Epson Stylus Photo 1280 printer and have been getting fine black lines across the paper, sometimes all the way,sometimes not. It occurs on a sporadic basis. There may be one line or hundreds. I notice it most on photo prints 8.5 x 11 or larger, although it's sometimes on plain paper.

I've tried head cleaning and changing cartridges, without relief.

Any ideas what might be causing this problem?


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Hey there,
I am not familiar with your printer but I have a Canon and part of the maintenance is doing a nozzle check. Also you might be able to do a print head alignment. I really don't know for sure, just some ideas to try. Good luck.

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It is most likely that your print head needs cleaning. Look for printers in your control panel and find the properties menu. click on utilities do each of the 3 items listed. They should be 1)Nozzle check 2)Head Cleaning 3)Print Head Alignment. Be sure to print a test page for each step as this will tell you if the process is successful or not. Also, You may have to do the head cleaning more than once. Don't despair it sometimes happens that the procedure has to be repeated twice or ever 3 times.

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I discussed the intermittent problem I was having with Epson printer support and was told to bring the printer to a Service Center.

Since it's over 100 miles there, I resolved the problem myself by buying a new printer. The other was over 7 years old, so it was time.

I had cleaned and replaced dozens of cartridges. Sometimes it would go for weeks without a problem. Finally it stopped working all together.

Thanks for all the good suggestions.

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