helen1December 23, 2002

Does anyone know what has happen to Zippimon? I have not see anything from her in such a long time. Did I miss something. helen1

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Oh, that you mention it...I'm not sure where our Zippi is...think I'll drop her an email. Thanx for bringing it up...sometimes we get so busy, we don't notice that folks go missing!

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zippi had been spending a LOT of time over at mydailydish . com, but they went under a few months ago. She was always so helpful;...I hope we find her again!

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I still haven't heard from her.....maybe she has computer problems!??? I hope she's well.....

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She is on several forums I am on. She posts occasionally . I am embarrassed to say that I am not sure if she is out of town or not. It is times like these when I see I have spread myself so thin, I delete what might be an important message.

I will post if I see her post, but---due to the fact that she hasn't written Tiger, I feel she is out of town.

The last post I have from her on one group was 12-17 and it was a "get to know you" post, and I saved it, as I have always thought a lot of Zippi, and how helpful she is in finding the unique !! The last on another group was a layout she made of the Candy Cane story and that was posted on 12-15.


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I have been looking for zippimom's post also. Been so involved with my new PSP since the holidays I haven't been visiting the craft forums. Started back the last two weeks, but haven't seen anything from her. You are right she was so helpful in finding unique and useful free things.
We miss you Zippi!

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