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PurplemoonSeptember 25, 2010

I just can't resist holiday stuff, no matter how much I tell myself to STOP BUYING MORE!!

And right now, still bargains to be had on Christmas things on eBay. I've been looking for

two things, one quite awhile, and just won both and no one else bid. Thank goodness!

This Mikasa Holiday Elegance train, that holds three candles, normally goes much higher

than I'm willing to pay. And the last two Christmas seasons, I've tried to find one. Often

I'd see ONE car of it, but all three were harder to find and too darn pricey. Guess no one

was shopping for it this time.

The Etsy seller that I got that beautiful, big lighted Fall orb from got me again. LOL.

She makes stuff, and sells some vintage things she finds. She found this Cherub in

an antique shop and did the floral in it. I have half a dozen white Cherubs I decorate with

Christmas and Valentines, so this had my name on it.

Then she listed these cute, CUTE little bitty wire birdcages that she added florals

or birds to, in different colors. I bought one in Fall colors and one in Christmas colors.

I'm a nut for birds or birdcages. These can hang on a tree or sit somewhere. I think

she said they are 6" high.

And lastly, since I won that delightful Cookie Chef Nutcracker for my N. collection, I've

wanted a Santa to go with him. (and I collect Santas too. sigh) I haven't seen any on

eBay that I liked that well. Till this one came up, and he had gingerbread men like my Nutcracker.

I just won Santa this morning. He's over 18" high, so should be the perfect partner for my other guy.

I hope these pictures don't come thru huge, I resized them as always but Photobucket was acting wonky earlier on me.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: neat ornaments and decorations

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The porcelain train is wonderful. I can see why you kept hunting and didn't give up the search.

The cherub is very sweet and how nice that you can put a little arrangement back of him in whatever color strikes your fancy.

That's a SUPER Santa. Won't he look wonderful in your kitchen! I'll think I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for something that's strictly Christmas-Kitchen decor. I hang some copper cookie cutters, but that's about all. I like your Kitchen Specific Santa.

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I've always just had my Christmas cookie jars (another collection, LOL) and Christmas plates in my kitchen. But after seeing and wanting the Nutcracker, I just knew he needed a matching Santa. Most of my Santas and Nutcrackers don't "pair up", except the Golfer ones, of which I have two of each. And last year, I had the purple Nutcracker and Santa who looked nice together. I'm kind of liking this idea of pairing some instead of doing them separately.

My kitchen is too small for a tree of any kind, its a little galley kitchen. But some of the gals who do kitchen Christmas decor sure have some neat things in theirs. And I think most of the photos are in our Christmas inspiration album somewhere.

Oh, I added the gal's Etsy link because its fun to look at her things, and easy to get some good ideas from what she does too. I'm not trying to drum up sales for her, just wanted to share seeing some holiday goodies.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, sounds like you really got lucky finding the train and the cars together. Will look really nice with either white or gold candles in it. You are getting quite a sizeable collection of the white/gold pieces now aren't you?

I love your new kitchen chef Santa, he has such a cheerful face and those little gingers are darling.

So tell the truth, did you buy that cherub just because it had those pretty gold ACORNS in the arrangement???? LOL Yes, those definitely caught my eye! ;o)

The little cages are cute. I have some medium sized ones in the guest room that I put together many years ago with birds and nests in them and roses and bows on the outside. I was debating the other day whether I should take them apart and do something else with them--hard to keep them dusted. I'll have to snap a picture to show you sometime.

Glad you have been having some fun time shopping--much easier on the legs when you can shop in your pjs, right? ;o)


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O My Goodness, you found your Mikasa Holiday Elegance train and it's wonderful. I love seeing your collections. The cherub with decorations is so pretty. I thought of Luvs the minute I seen the Gold acorns and laughed hard while reading her post about them.

Cute little cages all decorationed. The Santa Chef is darling and I've loved them ever since I first saw them. Maybe I will end up buying one someday. What a cute combo those two make. Last year TJ Maxx had a cute one but I had to much will power for my own good.LOL


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Cute train set...lucky find...perseverance pd off! Your chef Santa will be so cute with your nutcracker! Fun looking at that Etsy site...lots of cute things...looks like she does nice work! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Karen you really lucked out! The Mikasa train set is wonderful. I like the wire baskets too. The cherub is darling. And what can I say about the Santas? I LOVE them my TV room tree is my Santa tree. I haven't seen any just for kitchens until now. Hmmm.

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Karen, ever since you mentioned wanting a Chef Santa, I've been looking really hard at garage sales & have come up with no luck!

I'm so glad you found yours finally. I hope I don't find one now for you at sales for about $3. or we'll both be kicking ourselves!

That's ok, I paid way more than that for my Chef Santa's last year at Home Goods.

I still need to get your box sent out to you, but have been holding off thinking I'd find him one of these days before the sales quit.

It's getting cold here now, high today 58 and guess what, we're all coming down with runny noses & colds. Yep, it's sure not Florida here in the midwest!!!

We dropped about 40 degrees in a few days!! Sales will drop off drastically now too!

Well, if I do ever find another one I'll surely snatch it up for you, I have enough to fill my counters & no room for anymore.

Great finds, Karen!

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Karen, you scored again, on my two favorite sites!
I guess you can say you're the 'Early Bird Who Gets The Worm'!
The Mikasa train is just beautiful and will be a great addition to your collection. The little cherub is darling.
and what a fabulous Santa Chef... 18" is a nice size.
Those gingerbread men in his pockets are so cute.
Well, now I'll be looking forward to seeing him and his 'friend' together at Christmas!


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Karen...just a note...I did bid on e-bay for another plate & cup of Woodfield (mfg. by Stuebenville) (that I showed on a diff post)from my MN vac find for $5. I won it ...with shipping I pd $10 ...but now I have a 2-place setting anyway! You, "enabler," you! LOL! Jeanne S.

(the seller noted that they were mfg. in 1930's, discont. in 1941)...amazing!

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Jeanne, I'm glad you now have a pair of those OLD pieces.
That's wonderful.

Yacht, I believe it was your Home Goods Chef Santa that had me looking for him specifically. If not yours, someone else got one from Ross or TJMaxx and showed it here. I absolutely loved that one and hoped to find one on eBay, but really hadn't expected to. My recent purchase is a close second but I'll still watch for the one who stole my heart. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne, that is wonderful that you found another one so now you can set a table for two. Goodness, just think, those could have survived for 80 years! Probably because they were kept for "special" huh?

Karen, please do not put your new "treasures" in the cabinet with your St. Pat's decorations, okay? Just teasing! 'o)


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Oh gosh, what great finds! That Mikasa train ~ with all 3 pieces~ is lovely! I'm lusting over both your nutcrackers,too!

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Karen, here are the two that I have, is it one of these?

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That him! The one in the first in the first photo! I am definitely on the hunt for his twin. Wonder if HG might get him again this year? Probably not, I imagine the company does different designs each year. Sooner or later he will make his way to eBay, everything does. LOL.

Luvs, luckily my new Santa will be too big to put away in places I'll misremember (my new word for the day. LOL). He has no choice but to stand with the others on the Santa shelf after Christmas. Thank goodness for that.

This year I'm following Santa's rule..."making a list and checking it twice". No wait, I'll make a lot of lists and check them 3 or 4 times.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, if he doesn't make it onto ebay, I'll still keep an eye out for him at sales. May take til next spring, but I won't forget.

I think he was the last one like that when I bought him at HG.

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Congrats Karen, on your new family members! I am so glad you found the train you wanted.
I have a Chef Santa , not as big as yours , I put it on the kitchen window sill for Christmas. I also have Lenox Chef Santa. Both were gifts many years ago!

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Kathleen, I think I remember you have a kitchen bay window
that you decorate really neat for Christmas? Since you're our "Kitchen Queen", you certainly should have kitchen Christmas decor. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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